Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New cafe in town

This is the 4th time i stepped into Station 1 cafe, which is newly opened at Taiping Sentral since last Friday. i've never been to this cafe before but have heard alot about it through radio advertisement. i like the overall concept and the food is good too, but i must say the pricing is slightly higher compare to other similar cafes in town. anyway, i dont think that will be a big problem as majority of Taiping people are rich! lol...
now that Station 1 has arrived, we have another choice of gathering place! ^^

blue mint lemonade for Angeline

hot honey lemon for Carmen

and hot YesTea for me

chicken sandwich (they use toasted bread) which worsen my sorethroat T_T and i know what you're thinking, damn fattening right? cheese and mayo. i swear not to order this again....

yours truly

pretty Carmen who looks good even without make up *jealous*

Angeline who almost lost contact with us....

soon Carmen is going to Sg for her job hunting, i'm going to miss her!

Angeline and me

last but not least, 3 of us!


  1. Mei, i went there with my bf last Friday. Saw sing hooi there also..hehehe..the food ok only, and yah a bit pricey kan???

  2. LinDa, i was there too last Friday.
    yes, the food is expensive, so cannot afford to go often. lol.

  3. Though a bit pricey, but the ambience is good. I wonder when the live music starts, am loving forward to it :D

  4. Yvonne, me too. it'll be nice sitting there enjoying the singing and performance.

  5. I plan to go there again with my family, but must wait for some time, when there isn't so crowded.

  6. Yan, yes, wait another 1-2 weeks later and weekday is a smarter choice ;)


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