Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Protect your eyes

Computer is one of our best friend these days especially for office workers like us. to me, i spend about 9 hours per day dealing with the monitor (which is very boring). sometimes i experience eyes distraction such as blurred vision and even eye sore.

i went for a eye check up last week and the power for right eye has reduced, though not much, and my left eye's power remains the same :) it's indeed very important to protect our eyes as it's one of the most important organ for human beings.

below i found a few tips about eye care:

1. Exercise your eyes

Regular work hours should be infused with short breaks. During such breaks, blink your eyes several times. While you keep your eyes closed, roll your eyeballs both clockwise and anticlockwise and take a deep breath. Gradually open your eyes while releasing your breath. This exercise lasts for a minute and you can repeat it three times before getting back to work. It serves as a good workout for the eyes.

2. Look away

While working for long hours, look at distant objects either in your office or outside. Looking at a distant object and then returning to your task helps your eyes focus better. Try taking such visual breaks for about five to 10 minutes every hour.

3. Palming

Sit straight at your workstation and rub your palms against each other till you feel them warm. The warmth of your palms helps soothe and relax tired eyes. Then, lightly cup your eyes with your palms and relax for 60 seconds. Count the seconds in your mind. Repeat this exercise two to three times whenever your eyes feel tired, or as often as you want. While palming, you can either rest your elbows on your desk or keep away from the desk and cup your eyes. Both ways are fine.

4. Splash water on your face

During breaks, splash water on your face while closing your eyes. This has an overall relaxing effect and helps you feel refreshed.

5. Take a walk

After you're done with lunch, take a stroll outside your office for a few minutes. This will give your eyes a much-needed break and get them some fresh air.

6. Drink water

Drink plenty of water. It helps reduce puffiness. When a person is dehydrated, especially in an air-conditioned office, the body starts storing water as a defence mechanism. This adds to puffiness around the eyes.

7. Eat healthy

Incorporate Vitamins A, C, and E on a daily basis; eat citrus fruits, green leafy veggies, tomatoes, spinach, poultry and dairy products. Pack a box of chopped carrots, cucumber and fresh fruits and munch in-between meals at the office.

*reference here*


  1. Hi Hayley, you're right....I spend a lot of time fooling around with my computer, but make sure I take a break every half hour, go have my iced coffee and look out the window.
    Good advice.
    Have a great week and hold that smile of yours, Lee.

  2. Lee, yea, it's important to keep a good eyesight and i will start practising these useful exercise...
    you have a wonderful day ahead!

  3. Eat wolfberry! They are good for eyes too!

  4. Shirlexia, yes, wolfberries are well known for its benefits for eyes.. i love them too! ^^

  5. Thanks for the eye exercises, I really need them badly. My eyes are so sore by 5.30pm everyday.

  6. Yvonne, well, at least you have eye sore by 5.30pm.. i sometimes have eye sore right after lunch, haha :P

  7. I reckon eyes are the 'vision' of my future, without it... I really afraid of loosing it! Thanks for your informative post!

  8. Alice, yes, we really should take good care of our eyes... ;)


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