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Top killers in the office

Many of us are working 8-9 hours in the office and you might not aware that office could be a dangerous place for our skin!
i've watched a Taiwan beauty show and they reveal the top 4 killers which exist in the office:

1. Air conditioner (centralised, split, window etc)
Exposure to long hours of air cond will dehydrate our skin. when our skin is dry, skin darkening will become a serious issue.

-Cut down on air cond, not only does it save cost, it helps in skin hydration.
-Place more greens on your desk, or place a glass of water near you, it will keep our skin mosturise all the time
-Be sure to mosturise our skin properly everyday, eg: invest on a good spring water. try Avene spring water spray.
- Make it a habit to drink 8 glasses of water everyday

2. UV light
UV light is at its maximum if you're:
I. sitting near the windows (thats me! 0.o)
II. sitting right underneath the light

according to research, you'll expose to UV light as long as you are able to see things, even though you're staying indoor.

3. Radiation
Radiation is your ultimate killer if you:
I. use computer for more than 4 hours a day
II. use printer, photostat machine or scanner frequently
III. use SPF with no more than 20

for us, item I and II are something we have to commit. so what we can do is:
I. watch out for your sunblock product and touch up on them whenever necessary
II. opt for LED lights which can cut down UV radiation
III. stay away from scanner/photostat machine whenever possible

4. Emotion
I. Hectic work schedule, tension
II. Inconsistent lunch hour
III. Incosistent in leaving the workplace

Our skin becomes oily, acne-proned and darken when we're stressed, so dont underestimate the power of our emotion! try to lead a normal working lifestyle and find a healthier way of releasing tension. chatting, listening to music, yoga and exercise helps too!

have a happy working day! :D


  1. Agree that we must try to find ways to de-stress, is dangerous to lead hectic work life for long run, properly will end up in TR like my story a few days ago.

  2. You missed out our number one killer in the office.... our boss.


  3. Yan, agree! it's very important to de-stress. luckily we are not until that level *touchwood*

    Yvonne, lol, this one no need to mention, everyone knows already. he's the biggest enemy/killer.....

  4. Thank you for the knowledge^^

  5. Shu Cyan, no problem!
    have a nice day~


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