Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wedding dinner at Ipoh

Hubby's ex classmate, Albert, invited us to his wedding reception which was held last Friday at Hee Lai Ton (喜来登) restaurant, Ipoh. dinner was supposed to start at 7.30pm but it was late (expected la, Chinese culture :P) anyway, we were late too as needed to wait for the rest of the friends.

ok, let me start with foodie photos:

1st dish, 四式冷热军 which is similar to 五福临门 (pardon the shaky photo)

2. Sharkfin soup

3. steamed chicken

4. steamed seabass fish

5. fried prawns

6. mixed vege

7. fried rice with char siew

8. cookies as dessert

9. hot longan tong sui with white fungus (no doubt the food were presentable but they tasted so so only, i still prefer Taiping food)

the menu

the stage for Albert and Connie

the hall is grand and big, haha damn suaku la me.. i think they had about 70 tables that night

cute clown to entertain the little kids as well as big kids like us :P

i got a flower and EK got a, erm, penis wtf

the guys

the girls. meet Jess (in blue cheongsam) and Grace (in black dress). Grace is my ex school mate and we've not seen each other in years!


new pretty friends we made! Yin in black dress and Kuan in white tube. can you tell they are actually sisters?? at 1st glance, i thought they are quite lcly, but actually they're friendly and nice! we exchanged contacts and FB and they even asked us to go Ipoh for clubbing session. now guess which one of us is the eldest? :P

all of us at the table

last but not least, a photo with the newly wed. congrats to them and thanks for the invitation! ^^


  1. The balloon man looked so familiar, i guess i saw him before at JJ Ipoh. The children there would be so happy, as got balloon man to entertain them.

  2. It's a good idea to hire one or two clowns during dinner to keep the children (and big kids) entertained :) You know la, the dinner takes long time to end and the young ones get bored easily :p

  3. Yan, hmm, i think he's originally from Ipoh, judging from the way he speaks, so no surprise if he was in JJ before... hehe.

    Yvonne, yea, totally understand. the dinner started very late that night so this clown was indeed very helping! ^^

  4. Hey dropping by yan's blog,thought of saying hi and leave a comment before zooming out of here.

    i have never encountered a clown on a wedding dinner before,

  5. Hi Eugene, thanks for dropping by!
    well i think it's not cheap to hire clowns on a wedding reception, thats why we hardly see them!

  6. Always see u go wedding dinner one... married d need to attend all d wedding dinner d hor? lol

  7. Ivy, hehe, sometimes need eng siu people ma.. :P


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