Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wedding dinner in May

This is another wedding reception i attended this year, Mr Khor from Purchasing department invited most of us to her daughter's wedding last Saturday, at SSL Traders restaurant. it feels good to attend such functions as we get to dress up nicely, take pretty photos, see other people, and the ultimate reason, eat. haha :P
paparazzi shot on the newly wed, the bride is a very sweet lady

beautiful voices from Penang

l-r: Lorita, me, Yvonne, Yan

with Celine, my ex school mate and colleague

us again

the whole MIS department minus the boss :P

with Ms Wan from Warehouse department, she looks so pretty that night

ladies in black

with Mr Nice guy, Yew, who's going to resign end of this month, i'm sure he'll be missed...

and now, i shall present to you, the food for the night to end the post!
wu fu lin men

sharkfin soup

steamed chicken

sweet and sour fish

deep fried nestum prawns

mixed vege

chicken and mushroom noodles

cooling sea coconut dessert

red bean crepe


  1. Hayley, u looked terrific beautiful that night. Your eye make up is so wonderful. I noticed that a lot of men were eyeing at you. You must share the make up tips with me, ok?

  2. Yan, thanks :)
    it was something like smokey eyes, i think the eye shadow itself works great too!

  3. Yes, I agreed. Your eyes were mesmerizing that night. I should learn my eye make up from you in future :)

  4. Yvonne, actually i also learn from YouTube and magazine ;) and am still learning now... ^^

  5. Hi sure one very attractive young lady. Holy Smoke...I bet you turned heads in that beautiful outfit at the wedding.
    Love your hairstyle too.....and Hayley, you sure got a million dollar smile!
    Stay beautiful....Lee.
    Ps, nice food dishes.

  6. Hey Lee, thank you for the lovely comment ;)
    yep, the dishes were yummy, except for that noodles which we couldnt finish at last...
    you too, have a nice day~


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