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BDS 1st official event!

Before I proceed, BDS stands for Black Dog Society (黑狗公会), it's a leisure group we set up (just for fun) in FB. well actually it's also the way the gang declares their love for Guinness Stout =_=
we had decided to print our own t-shirts since last month and got all of the shirts ready last 2 weeks, so it's time to plan for a trip together they say!
after much discussions, we settled down with Cameron Highlands (CH)!

gathered at 7.30am last Sunday, we headed to Ipoh for our dim sum breakfast.

Foh San (富山)

some of us ;)

EK and I

self service system, the dim sum there is of bigger portion compared to Meng Kok, but they doesnt taste as nice as Meng Kok's....

leaving Foh San, we started the journey to CH! there were a total of 4 cars. I was kinda worried as the weather dint look was quite cloudy even it was 10am++. but thank God the sun greeted us later on!

our 1st stop was the green view garden

l-r: Cindy, myself and Annie

cool huh? :P

lots of strawberry varietie…


I've just back from company stock check, walking around the factory carrying the laptop.... and it's only Monday...
still few more hours to go before I could go home.
All I wanted now is my bed :(

Karaoke night

I was invited to join Amy's birthday party which was held in RexBox KTV last night. Amy is my colleague from Finance department and we deal quite alot on works as I support her payroll system.

a little surprise for her ;)

fruits provided

nice pandan layer cake

Amy bought us heart-shaped jelly

the ladies. I hardly join this group of colleagues for any outings.... it was a fun night though!

l-r: Karen, Sharon, me, Khor

sing sing sing! I sang 没那么简单,喜帖街,其实很爱你 and others

colleagues from Finance/Costing and Technical department (photo credits to Brian, with his DSLR)

Tony and Brian

Sharon, who used to be trainee at Costing
with Karen

it was about 8.30pm when the birthday lady arrived. we clapped and sang her birthday song

with this fair girl Khor, whom just married last month. she's one of the few Chinese friends I have who has super long hair (buttock length =_=)

Siew, from Lab Compounding department

this is Loi, from Costing. another user I deal alot on works. she's a friendly lady…

Friends with ex?

Was listening to Mix fm breakfast show this morning and their question made me thinking hard -> can you be friends with your ex(es)? as of what I heard, most girls think it's possible whereas guys think it's not recommended! I think this is the differences between men and women :D

To me, I think it's possible, provided if both are completely over each other. There'll be nothing but just friendship. I have friends whom are still keep in touch with their ex(es) and I guess things are still fine! As for myself, I keep in touch through FB and when we see each other, we greet/smile. Friends, you know ;)

Share with me, do you still keep in touch with your ex(es)? ^^

p/s: Just some personal opinions and friendly discussion, no offend to anybody ya~

Night market

Pasar malam (aka night market) is one of my favourite place to go. so far, I think my favourite is the one at SS2 PJ, on Mondays. but seldom have the chance to go already as I hardly go KL ever since I started working =_=

anyway, there're not many pasar malam here in Taiping. Aulong, Kampung Boyan, Changkat Jering and Simpang are those I know. and I find Simpang's one is the nicest to go! it actually has stalls (both malay and chinese) surrounded the shop houses near Taman Kota Jaya, and they're available every Tuesday from 7pm onwards.

portable van selling pearl tea (珍珠奶茶)
deep fried snacks like nuggets, french fries, sauseges, fish balls etc. this stall usually has the most queue!



portable van selling bak kua (dried pork meat), chicken floss with breads (they're from Ipoh)

dim sum (sorry shaky hands)

lok lok (dip with special chili/tomato sauce, yummy~)

all sorts of tit bits

sugar cane drinks, perfect for a hot weather like now
there're still many othe…

Free dresses for bloggers and website owners

Yan blogged here that IreneLim Fashion Boutique is having a crazy promotion where they are giving out free dresses for bloggers and website owners! there're more than 60+ dresses to chose from! as a lover for anything-free, of course I wont let go this chance! (hopefully I'm one of the lucky blogger! :P)

snapshot of IreneLim's fashion To join, simply follow these steps:

1. Make sure your blog or website is at least 3 months old, and has at least 20 posts or web pages.

2. You will then need to write a short review of IreneLim online fashion store . Put at least two links back to the site, with one of the links pointing to the promotion page (telling about this free dresses offer). You can write whatever you want, but preferably be positive. :)

3. The short review should be at least 100 words. Once you are done, contact them for approval using the "Email Form" on the contact us page.

4. Wait for their reply if they found the above simple requirements are met.

5. You can t…