Tuesday, June 1, 2010


*Crystal is leaving us to Singapore today T_T i will miss her dearly! we used to go hiking/jogging together. she's also a good cook whom had taught us baking etc. now that she's going to SG for her job hunting, also a reunion with her husband. well, think positively, it's good for her as she had been separated with his husband for few years... LDR, i understand.. i know she reads my blog so to you Crystal, wishing you all the best! please keep in touch and hope to see you real soon! ;) muacks...*

besides, 1st June also means i've been working in this company for 3 years. i know 3 might be a small number for most people but this is my 1st official job ever since i grad and i dint expect myself to be here for 3 years! to be frank, i dint think too much when i 1st applied for this job, i know there're still opportunities out there for me so let's take this as a, trial. but after being stressed up by someone, the word 'resign' keep appearing in my mind, countless of time. haha, i guess it's pretty normal, you'll know when you work at the same department with me, under the so-called wise leadership :P

i think i can now get something as a reward for myself... lol ;)


  1. Happy 3rd Anniversary in this company. lol! Yvonne and me were joined in March 03. Already 7 years. Don't know should be happy or what. T___T

  2. Time flies.... it was like just yesterday you joined us.

    =___= really don't know how to react, that's right, 7 years. We are stucked for 7 years!

  3. Yan and Yvonne, haha, actually i kinda salute you both la, for working under him for such a long time.. i'm not sure if i can stay for 7 years... hehe..

  4. Happy 3rd Anniversary meow...u been told me about ur plan to resign for almost 2 yr but now u still survive there...i guess is not tat bad after all...anywhere hope u have a bright future ahead no matter where u go.

  5. Vinnie, yea, i know i broke my promise, dont know is that a good or bad thing... =_=

    haha, anyway, thanks and wish you the same!


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