Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BDS 1st official event!

Before I proceed, BDS stands for Black Dog Society (黑狗公会), it's a leisure group we set up (just for fun) in FB. well actually it's also the way the gang declares their love for Guinness Stout =_=
we had decided to print our own t-shirts since last month and got all of the shirts ready last 2 weeks, so it's time to plan for a trip together they say!
after much discussions, we settled down with Cameron Highlands (CH)!

gathered at 7.30am last Sunday, we headed to Ipoh for our dim sum breakfast.

Foh San (富山)

some of us ;)

EK and I

self service system, the dim sum there is of bigger portion compared to Meng Kok, but they doesnt taste as nice as Meng Kok's....

leaving Foh San, we started the journey to CH! there were a total of 4 cars. I was kinda worried as the weather dint look was quite cloudy even it was 10am++. but thank God the sun greeted us later on!

our 1st stop was the green view garden

l-r: Cindy, myself and Annie

cool huh? :P

lots of strawberry varieties!

next, we drove further to Butterfly Farm

lots of wild colorful butterflies, free to catch! :P

later on, we visited the bee farm.

some random photos

moving on, Cactus Point.

us! nothing much to do here as all we see are cactus and other plants for sell

it was already 2pm so it's time for lunch! we chosed Restaurant Mountain House for their exquisite charcoal steamboat. here, it started to drizzle... :(

the steamboat is quite nice and cheap! it was only RM 12 per person!

makan time!

it was still raining when we finished our lunch, but we decided not to waste anymore time. we headed to the market nearby to buy their fresh jagung, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, vegetables, sweet potatoes and other local snacks. though it was kinda troublesome to walk in the rain, it was somehow fun! :D

done shopping, we went to Cameron Valley tea farm, our last stop :( it was still raining so we had to drop the plan to Cactus Valley.

enjoy the nice Cameron Valley tea and strawberry tea in the cold day

just to show you our shirts :P

all of us!! besides sight seeing, our secondary purpose of the trip was as a farewell for Jackie (the guy squatted in the front row). he is now at Kota Kinabalu for 2 years to further his research study

another one!

it was raining all the way from CH to Tpg and the journey back home seems alot longer than going up the hill =_= everyone was tired but it was indeed a very satisfying and enjoyable trip! am looking forward to our next trip! ;)


  1. What! Your good looking friend Jackie is going to futher his study. Oh! Next time your events with friends lose one good photographer liao!

  2. Yan, ya lo, I start to miss him already lar~
    no more professional photographer for us anymore.. T_T

  3. wow~ fun and enjoyable trip wohhh~ I joined BDS in FB, so sad unable join any events with urs... =( anyway, the shirt design so nice...especially the black dog sign... haha... wish Jackie All the best~ and have a nice day to you! =)

  4. Nice trip u have...
    so tis is the trip tat u 'aero plane' our trip to KL lar...
    since u have so much fun, i will forgive u lar...haha...but remember u promise to treat oo...wakaka~~~

  5. Evelyn, yes, the t-shirts design is nice! everybody also satisfy, hehe..

    Vinnie, lol, I'll remember my promise, dont worry ;))

  6. Seriously? For the steamboast is only RM12 per person? That's really cheap! You had such a wonderful event and visited so many places in one day :)

    Btw, your hubb is so funny - in the photo where he's sitting on the cactus.

  7. Yvonne, yes, RM12 per person! I think the price is cheap because there're many steamboat restaurants there, competition!
    and yes, my hubby is always funny in front of the camera, hehehe :D

  8. Wat a great trip u have. 2 thumbs Up**

  9. Angeline, yep! it was a fun yet tiring trip!

  10. Ish I haven't been to Cameron Highlands!!!

  11. Shirlexia, are you serious?? well then you should plan for one!!

  12. Beautiful pictures, now I'm thinking to pay a visit to Cameron again...=__="

  13. Alice, yea, I miss there too! the weather is just so nice up there!

  14. Alice, yea, I miss it too....


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