Friday, June 4, 2010

Charity dinner

FIL was so kind to give us 20 tickets to attend a function called Eco - Body Art Show on Charity Earth, which was held yesterday at Flemington Hotel. besides MIL and SIL, we asked the rest of the gang to attend as well.
organized by Flemington Hotel, the dinner was supposed to start at 7pm but delayed until 8pm (normal la...)
the tickets, everyone is given a green recycled paper bag at the entrance (forget to take photo)

balloons decoration at the entrance, these balloons were all kidnapped by the kids during the middle of the dinner...

recycled papers on the wall, a concept of environmental friendliness...

candle holder which is made from soft drink can

view of the stage


EK and i

i'm not that giant anyway, just the angle problem ok~ :P

present to you, the food for the night:
#1. the usual 5 dishes plate

#2. mixed greens in yam basket

#3. deep fried chickens with mangoes

#4. deep fried garlic prawns

#5. spicy steam fish

#6. glutinous rice in lotus leaf

yummy~ i'm not sure the total dishes served that night, we only managed to eat 6 types. it was nearly 10.30pm when this dish was served, most guests already left the restaurant and so did us

as the title says, there were a brief body art show during the night, this man is the leader who brought the models into the hall

lady in bikini showing her body art

cute girl wearing dress which is made from magazines

guy who dressed like native American (he looks abit like Stephen Fung though :P)

cool girl in her eco friendly costume

guy in his wings and pants in leaves. though the presentation was kinda entertaining while we wait for the next dish to be served, i must say the painting is not that interesting afterall. they're not really professionally painted and not detailed enough. anyway, the hard work and effort is still much appreciated as the painting took few hours to be done.

the organizer provided only 2 bottles of 1L Spritzer mineral water per table. RM3 is charged for extra bottle of mineral water; RM8 for a can of Calsberg and RM10 for a can of Guinness Stout. all money received will be donated to the kidney dialysis center.
the overall message is to encourage everybody to save our earth by recycling, cut down on plastic bags, stop pollution and saving energy.
til then, have a lovely weekend!


  1. Didn't there are still people aware of going green and environmental friendly in our town. This is a good charity function.

  2. what a good function in a small town! foods look yummy, decorations look good too, but the art... really so so!!! LoLz...
    p/s: i like ur current hair look, so sweet girl! ;)

  3. Yan, yes, all donations will be given to the kidney center, how thoughtful! we should always think of the less fortunate..

    Evelyn, haha ya, we were quite disappointed by the body art show.. not really that beautiful...
    and thanks! i'm satisfied with my current hairstyle too ^^

  4. wow... I didn't know about this charity event. Very meaningful. Er... where's the native blue Na'vi?

    Btw, "i'm not that giant anyway, just the angle problem", very

  5. Yvonne, haha, i was wondering the same thing, how come no Avatar character? =_=

  6. Sorry dear, I'm having problem to load your pictures. Anyway, I reckon it's a marvellous function, while enjoying a wonderul spread of gourmet you were 'giving back' to the society! Bravo!^-^

    Please have a great week ahead!

  7. Alice, oh is it? perhaps it's the connection problem?
    it was a fun night anyway...

  8. I must say, Taiping is getting very happening nowadays...

  9. Shirlexia, yes, it's getting more and more developing now.. ;)


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