Tuesday, June 15, 2010

During the weekend

We usually spend the weekend night with the gang. Saturday night is the most anticipanting night for EK and gang, as they have no excuse at all to crazily indulge in their usual beer session =_=
who else? :P

count them yourself =_= I seriously think they have been poisoned

On Sunday night, we had belated birthday celebration for Theng and Fa. this time we tried at 66 Restaurant at Jalan Air Kuning (formerly known as 高佬发). Boon has actually made a reservation in advance but yet we still have to wait for like 30 mins before the food came... it was freakingly loads of customers that night!

#1. First dish to arrive is the curry fish head, which is not quite enough for 9 of us

#2. Steamed chicken

#3. Stir fry kailan with salted fish

#4. Guinness pork ribs

5. Fried ku lou yok

#6. Sizzling hot plate tofu and mixed greens

#7. Fried mantis prawns with salted eggs

Despite the long wait, the dinner was quite worth it as the price is quite reasonable. there should be no more celebration now until 2 months later as the next birthday dinner is in August.


  1. Ur blog is all about food all the time... omg! Fat fat la... lol...

  2. Happy belated birthday to ur friend! =) and the yummy foods... I so MISS taiping!!!

  3. Ivy, hehe, I just thought of sharing food in Taiping, and I can take a look when I'm hungry :P

    Evelyn, haha, it was Nickson's wife Ah Theng! the food that night tasted ok, but small portion :S

  4. The dishes were all so tempting. Hate to see the food at this hour, make me so hungry now.

  5. Ah... 66! I saw how crowded it was! But the food looks pretty okay... Must try one day!

  6. Oh yes, I couldn't agree more with other fellow bloggers, the spead of food really look delicious, specially the steamed chicken and fried ku lou yok!

    Have a great day!
    p/s: Beers are good for reducing heat! (Ofcourse not in that amount, which showed in your photo!)lol!

  7. Yan & Shirlexia, the dishes were nice, but we waited so long for that... so many people! :S

    Alice, I'm aware of that, but they drink too much already, which is not good! >=(


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