Thursday, June 3, 2010

Farewell Crystal.... til we meet again!

We've been good friend for almost 10 years now! she's my best hiking/jogging mate, also a good cook!
we used to study at KL and came back to our lovely hometown for work after grad. recently, she had decided to reunite with her hubby whom is working at Singapore for quite some times... hence, it's a sad news for us at Taiping but a good news to both her and her hubby. so i guess thats alright....
we had a simple farewell dinner for her over the weekend at Yes restaurant...

my sweet friend, Crystal

we ordered:
stir fry pak choy with carrots

Vietnamese pork ribs

Yes's signature tofu with thick gravy

hot curry fish head

fried assam prawns

the girls, we are those who work at Tpg, the rest all are at KL/Sg

as the night was still young, we went for a 2nd round yum char at Station 1 cafe.
clockwise from top left: strawberry apple orange for me, hot honey lemon for Crystal, iced longan for EK

us again (opps fringe is too long i guess)

last but not least, 3 best friens forever!

despite the distance, we'll still be good friends and do keep in touch ya~ wishing you all the best in your job hunting! miss ya!


  1. The fish head curry looked really good. I like fish head curry very much.

  2. Yan, yes, the curry fish head is really yummy! why not you cook this for your family since you're a curry lover? ^^

  3. YorkMei, don't be sad! U can come sg to visit her and me as well!! Hahaha... Wish her All The best too~ ;)

  4. Ah... delicious post again. My tummy is rumbling now.

  5. Evelyn, haha good idea! hmm, may be this Dec! ^^

    Yvonne, tea time is approaching! :P

  6. All the best to your friend, Crystal! May fate brings you both together again.

    The spread of food looked tasty, love the chilling drinks too! Please have a pleasant weekend!

  7. Hello Hayley, wow! Love the pics here. All of you have real traffic stopper attractive looks.
    Good thing I am reading and not driving, or else sure hantam back of a bus see you lovely ladies.

    I love that fish head curry, my all time favourite.
    Hey Hayley, both you and your good friend have cute dimples!
    Have a great week, best regards, Lee.

  8. Alice, i think the next time we meet will be... CNY next year! :S
    yep, the food were yummy and price are reasonable too!

    Lee, i always love your sweet compliments, lol...
    my friend Crystal is famous for her cute dimples, but me, i dont think i have a very obvious dimple...
    thanks for dropping by~


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