Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day celebration

We had a simple father's day lunch celebration on Father's Day for our dearest dad. It was supposed to be a dinner but I couldnt make it as there was another dinner celebration with in laws.
first, a lil camwhoring :P

in the car while waiting for EK

we chosed Soon Lee restaurant because it's air conditioned (it was a hot hot day) and the food serving is fast. the food is presentable but too bad, they doesnt taste as good as before =_=

we ordered claypot curry fish

steamed chicken with special ginger sauce

fried mussels

stir fry choy sum

and braised pork

mummy and I

bro enjoying his food

boring eh?

with daddy, Happy Father's Day!!

I bought cakes from La Promise bakery, the left is Lychee flavor and the right is blueberry

green tea flavor and blackforest cake! yummy yummy~


  1. I saw you wearing the white blouse, suit you very well. Look nice.

  2. Yan, yea, I like that top, cheap and comfy to wear! ^_^

  3. Nice celebration and delicious foodie from Soon Lee.

    And those cakes from La Promise.... drooling :]`

  4. Yvonne, yea, La Promise cakes are my favourite now! I was told most of their ingredients are imported from oversea! I think their cakes even beat Secret Recipe! lol...

  5. u look pretty in wearing white...and the cake look so yummy~ i'm hungry now!

  6. Evelyn, I read an article before, white is one of my lucky colour! I'm starting to invest more in white now, though white may make me look fat =_=

  7. u wont look fat in white ah, look so pretty yaa~ since it's ur lucky colour so must wear often~ seriously, u look slim in white too, don't worry!

  8. Evelyn, haha thanks for the compliment! I will invest in more now! :D


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