Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Football or me?

Everybody is aware that FIFA world cup kicks off in 2 days time. i'm seriously wondering how many people are going for the loan shark (along) or how many commit suicide cases are yet to happen =_=

I'm definetely not a big fan of football, in fact i hate this sport the most (sorry no offend). but my father loves it, and not just him alone. thank God that EK isn't really into football as well, otherwise, i dont know how many sleepless nights i'd be going through in the days to come. those football matches usually broadcast live and it'll probably midnight in Malaysia, of course that'll disturb my sleep!

so how to deal with a boyfriend/husband who is very much obsessed with football or sports in general? i think there's only 2 ways, love it or hate it, lol. love it by trying to get to know the basics of the game/how to play/play a real game with him and share your favourite team or player etc etc.
if you hate it, try finding your favourite things to do such as dating/shopping with the girls. i think we should do things in moderate and it's ok to watch a game or two, but not until the extent of neglecting other important things in life...

what about you? do you like football? ^^


  1. I don't hate football but I dislike it when my hubs switches to TV channel showing these crowds chasing over a ball. My hubs will be the greatest football fan, if only he put his bets on them. Otherwise he'll rather get his sleep.

  2. Yvonne, same here. i dislike the noise of the crowd during the match, i find it rather irritating :P

  3. LOL! I used to be a football fan, and my husband hates it to bits! Sometimes by simply watching a match it would give me motivation in life, specially when an underdog team struggled to fight back their opponent and the result turn our unbelievably unexpected, when the underdog won!

    have a nice day to you!

  4. Alice, I think I do not have lady football fan, you're the first! lol...
    You too, enjoy your day! ^^

  5. I'm a 'moderate' football fan.
    I don't follow football that much but whenever there are big events like World Cup I would follow. But to stay up late night for the live match is tough nowadays. Normally only matches with my favourite teams or some interesting matches then maybe I'll stay up to watch!

  6. Shirlexia, well that's consider quite big fan of football already! cause you have the planning of staying up late just to catch the match ;)

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