Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Free dresses for bloggers and website owners

Yan blogged here that IreneLim Fashion Boutique is having a crazy promotion where they are giving out free dresses for bloggers and website owners! there're more than 60+ dresses to chose from! as a lover for anything-free, of course I wont let go this chance! (hopefully I'm one of the lucky blogger! :P)

snapshot of IreneLim's fashion
To join, simply follow these steps:

1. Make sure your blog or website is at least 3 months old, and has at least 20 posts or web pages.

2. You will then need to write a short review of IreneLim online fashion store . Put at least two links back to the site, with one of the links pointing to the promotion page (telling about this free dresses offer). You can write whatever you want, but preferably be positive. :)

3. The short review should be at least 100 words. Once you are done, contact them for approval using the "Email Form" on the contact us page.

4. Wait for their reply if they found the above simple requirements are met.

5. You can then proceed to register an account with them and make your order. For your FREE dress/blouse, choose one item from the "Buy any 3, Get 50% off" block at the top of the website.

I've just browse through IreneLim Fashion and realise that unlike other online boutiques, the interface and functions available are much more user friendly. for most of the items on sale, there's a brief description on the material so it'd give us a clearer and better picture of the item. apart from dresses, IreneLim fashion offers latest jackets, shoes, belts, bags and many more! the shopping cart system is also easy to understand and use.

Another advantage is that IreneLim fashion offers reward points everytime you buy from them! of course other online boutiques do offers promotions on and off, as well as rebates. but collecting reward points is totally something new to me ;)

Last but not least, it's obvious that this site uses real models in most of the pictures! well, at least this is something closer to reality as many online boutiques use photos of models which are given by the supplier. and this way it's much natural and something fresh to look at.

so dont hesitate anymore, quickly grab the chance and hop over to IreneLim Online Fashion! good luck for all of us! :P


  1. Gambateh! Wish you get the free dress notice soon.

  2. Yay! Hope we all win something :D

  3. Yan and Yvonne, yay! :D
    and thanks Yan for spreading the lovely news!

  4. look so interesting ohhh~ wish you good luck!

  5. Evelyn, thanks! you also give it a try la~

  6. Hihi, thank you for the great review.

    Do share with your readers your online shopping experience.

  7. Irene, thanks for the reply!
    Will do! :D

  8. nice bloggie...i think irenelim is very famous now...see in most of the blogsite

  9. Hey Vialentino, thanks!
    I agree too! ;) all thanks to her crazy promotion :D


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