Thursday, June 24, 2010

Friends with ex?

Was listening to Mix fm breakfast show this morning and their question made me thinking hard -> can you be friends with your ex(es)? as of what I heard, most girls think it's possible whereas guys think it's not recommended! I think this is the differences between men and women :D

To me, I think it's possible, provided if both are completely over each other. There'll be nothing but just friendship. I have friends whom are still keep in touch with their ex(es) and I guess things are still fine! As for myself, I keep in touch through FB and when we see each other, we greet/smile. Friends, you know ;)

Share with me, do you still keep in touch with your ex(es)? ^^

p/s: Just some personal opinions and friendly discussion, no offend to anybody ya~


  1. We can make friend with the ex. Besides, we have to well preserved ourselves, keep ourselves in the tip top condition. When we bump into the ex, we can show the ex that we are still looked good and lead happy life even without them. Hehehe! that's my opinion only.

  2. Yan, agree! :)
    Life goes on afterall despite the break up. We should live better even without them.
    Thanks for sharing your opinion!

  3. Mei: I've listen to Mix FM this morning too..Remember? my car was behind u this morning. From my opinion, we still can be friend but with limit. You'll never know ur partner/spouse is happy or unhappy about it, right? Diff people Diff opinion and thinking no offence ya

  4. Angeline, oh ya, I dint notice it was you until reached Kamunting, hehe..
    Ya agree, always respect our partner too.

  5. We no more longer contact each other as our own spouse is unhappy on it especially his gf. Well, he still will go my sis' kopitiam and reveal his state and greeting about me~ that's all right get in touch or not, as long as we know, each other is live in own happy life!

  6. Evelyn, well if our partner is unhappy then we should watch out. Like you said, if both of you are happy with current life, then it's a blessing! ^^

  7. Well, you got your point... there is a slight differents between man and woman interm of 'this'.

    'We' were still friends, but not as close and 'chatful' as before(since he has got his family while I have got mine), ...really just decent 'friends', feeling some kind of lost though... you know what I meant!:)

    Have a splendid day to you!

  8. Alice, yes I know what you're trying to say... ;)
    but it's good though to have keep in touch especially after both of you have own families.
    You enjoy your day!

  9. Hi, thks for dropping by at my blog.

    Hmmm.....this topic. quite difficult to answer. But i like Yan's comment. To show the ex that we are happier and better without them. hahaha

  10. Hey mNhL, ya, I agree with Yan too ;)

  11. Hi gals,

    I also agreed with Yan and MNHL too. Can't let those "EX" think we can't live on without them and show them that we live more happy without them. :P

    I still be friend with one of my ex, but just a Hi-Bye friend.

  12. hello,just drop by to say "hi"..
    you title is intesting.keep it on.
    but curious how about gettting back with ex?
    welcome all the comments..

    p/s: i like you smile

  13. Yoong Yoong, ya, this point certainly make sense! life goes on with/without them ;)

    Skyline, thanks for dropping by~
    well, getting back with ex, this is a very tricky question, lol. I personally think it depends very much on the both of them..

  14. You maybe right.
    i have a very close buddy.i personally selected him as my best friend among the gang.
    We always went to yam char and watch football during his suffer break up time.
    I was purposely arranged some entertaiment for him to make him more happy and dont stay at home think non sense alone.
    But now he like missing in our gang.He like dont join our activity anymore.he dont call me that frequent like how he called me during the suffer time.he igrone me and afraid to let me knowing he wants to get back with his ex (but not yet,just in progress). his ex hurted him so much last time.
    That time he alwzys stick to me and our gang and said luckily got us to accomapny him all the time.
    But now he is the one avoild us..
    harley,do u even facing this kind of friend.
    How shuold i handle..headache me

  15. forget to say,i am Skyline

  16. Skyline, well, I personally dint encounter that before. Perhaps he has his own reasons which he can't reveal? give him some time, I'm sure he'll tell the actual situation when it's the right time.
    take it easy!

  17. Ms Harley,
    Maybe you are lucky girl,never facing this problem before.But people like to say there are more conflict between girl and girl.Happy for you because you dint have this kind of friend who curi-curi dating with the ex at the back.
    After you advise,i really think i should give him some time,hope few month is enough for him.
    thank you you much much

  18. Hey SkyLine, you're most welcome!
    But, I somehow understand how you feel... sometimes, we just dont need to be afraid and do things we like. You feel irritated because your friend dates his ex at the back.
    Just take it easy, perhaps he could learn some lessons from there ;)

    Do you have a blog?

    p/s: btw, it's Hayley, not Harley :P

  19. My point of view:-
    Being friends with ex means you're over that person.
    Being more than just friends means you both are not over each other and would like to give it a try (be it either one cheated or other reasons)
    But being not friends with your ex,also meant no harm,it is because you chose to ignore this person for the rest of your life but never to be forgotten.

    My view-it takes time and alot of courage to be friends back with your ex,so if you really have the biggest heart,but if you don't,life goes on.


  20. Hey June, well you got your points there!
    Perhaps from your own experience?
    But like you said, friends or not, life goes on! keep them as a memory... ;)


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