Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy skin

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, thus a good skin care becomes part of the most important thing to do.

and for us ladies, taking good care of our skin is even more important. I'd like to share my personal skin care regime with you and I welcome any tips/sharing from you people!

I strongly believe in the daily CTM (Cleanse-Tone-Moisturise) regime. of course it's important to look for a suitable skin care product for ourselves. I've become a fan of Cellnique few years ago and thank God that my skin reacts well.

Cleansing of the skin should be done morning and night to ensure the removal of dirts and impurities, oils as well as make up. value added if you use a cleansing milk/cleansing lotion/cleansing oil before the cleanser (I use Cellnique Vital Repair Cleansing milk). this helps in removing the dirts better, next continue the regime by cleansing our face thoroughly. you want your skin to breathe and stay radiant, right? ;)

Toning is also important as it removes every last bit/residue from the cleansing process. toner helps to close our pores and protect them from loss of moisture. similar to food, toner provides nutrients to our skin and provide PH balance too!

To protect our skin from environmental damage such as sunlight, you have to invest in a good moisturiser or day and night creme. moisturiser helps slowing down the aging process which is the biggest enemy of most women.

apart from the daily CTM regime, we should not forget the weekly regime as well! spare 1-2 times a week and indulge in facial mask and exfoliation. there're many types of facial mask which serve different functions so there's no excuses for not staying pretty! ^^ besides, plan for a monthly facial at your favourite beauty salon and relax while they do the treatment/massage for you!

and all these are not only meant for ladies, men you should do this too! trust me, it's definetely worth it to spend few minutes everyday and practise these.

til then, have a good skin day and please enjoy your weekend! (:


  1. yes, skin is very important for us ladies but i just lazy to taking good care on it! :s I will so hardworking to CTM when i feel my skin is dry or look so "chan"~ haha...
    hmmm, now my look getting worst coz no sleep enough~ so weekend very kut lat to do facial mask... lol~ have a good movie time to9 and wonderful weekend~ ;)

  2. Evelyn, I used to have the 'lazy thinking' as you, but somehow I forced myself to be hardworking... cause it'll eventually paid off. so you must not keep the lazy thinking oh!
    remember,世上没有丑女人,只有懒女人! lol...

  3. LOL... this world has also 'busy' women and forgetful women aside from lazy women... ^-^

    Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Alice, well, it's quite true though, especially for married woman with kids, right?
    nonetheless, juts try our best to spend a few minutes everyday to pamper our skin. it's really important! ;)


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