Saturday, June 26, 2010

Karaoke night

I was invited to join Amy's birthday party which was held in RexBox KTV last night. Amy is my colleague from Finance department and we deal quite alot on works as I support her payroll system.

a little surprise for her ;)

fruits provided

nice pandan layer cake

Amy bought us heart-shaped jelly

the ladies. I hardly join this group of colleagues for any outings.... it was a fun night though!

l-r: Karen, Sharon, me, Khor

sing sing sing! I sang 没那么简单,喜帖街,其实很爱你 and others

colleagues from Finance/Costing and Technical department (photo credits to Brian, with his DSLR)

Tony and Brian

Sharon, who used to be trainee at Costing

with Karen

it was about 8.30pm when the birthday lady arrived. we clapped and sang her birthday song

with this fair girl Khor, whom just married last month. she's one of the few Chinese friends I have who has super long hair (buttock length =_=)

Siew, from Lab Compounding department

this is Loi, from Costing. another user I deal alot on works. she's a friendly lady!

last but not least, photo with the birthday lady, before I left and wished them good night


  1. By looking at the pictures, everyone seems very enjoy. It has been quite some time since the last time I went to Karaoke. May be we can go together on next event, your birthday?

  2. Yan, it was no doubt an enjoyable night!
    well, that can be planned! (but it's still about 3 months+ to my birthday..... =_=)

  3. Look like everyone had some great fun there! It's good to have a bunch of colls to chill out after work huh...

  4. Hi Hayley, now, thats what I call a real party....and always great to have karaoke too as its fun.
    Bet you sing very well too.
    We have these parties very often here....
    And nothing like great friends, great food too.
    Love your pics....
    Have fun and keep well, Lee.

  5. nice karaok ...can see u and ur friends enjoy it so much

  6. Dora, ya, we must learn to relax especially after the long tired working hours..

    Lee, I love singing! and it's always nice to visit the karaoke with a bunch of friends! ;)

    Vialentino, yep, we enjoyed it very much ^_^

  7. Hey... lovely pandan cake, looks really spongy and tasty(slurp)! happy belated Birthday to your friend!:)

    Have a nice day!

  8. Alice, yes the pandan cake is yummy~ less fattening icing also :)
    Thank you!


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