Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Meant to wait?

This is the 2nd time I stepped in Station One cafe with my colleagues Yan and Yvonne, during a weekday lunch hour. I've been to this cafe several times with Ek and gang during night time as well.

Healthy honey apple celery juice for me

Sunkist for Yvonne

Iced plum juice for Yan

I ordered sweet & sour fish fillet rice, which arrived quite fast

Hong Kong styled fried rice

last but not least, traditional curry noodles for Yan

*photo credits to Yvonne*

Sigh as you know, we're VERY particular about the service time, let me remind you again that we only have 1 hour lunch break, erm, 40 mins la to be exact minus the travelling. and we have a very strict spy in our office so we must not late!
But for Station One, even after a month+ after the official opening, and also the small number of customers this afternoon, it took them 15 mins to serve 2 plates of food =_= it's funny and frust at the same time knowing that 3 of us always face this kinda situation during lunch hour. WHY la.... is our luck so bad? +_=


  1. Hi Hayley, can see you girls eat to live, ha ha. And that HK fried rice looks delicious, the curry noodles....sinfully delicious, ha ha.
    I really miss that 'si hum curry mee'....
    Love your lovely portraits on your sidebar....if you hear a loud wolf whistle, thats me, *wink*, ha ha.
    Have fun and stay beautiful, Lee.

  2. I went there 3 times, 3 times also ate like hungry ghost due to the time constraint. I tell ya, not more 4th time. Somemore the food is so so only, the price is not that reasonable too.

  3. Lee, haha yes, we love to eat. we'll discuss on where to eat when lunch hour is near, on almost every working day :P not only to eat, but to get out of this room and get some fresh air ;)
    thanks for that lovely compliment!

    Yan, haha, too bad, another cafe black listed on our list =_= seriously I wonder does anybody else facing the same problem?

  4. I'm not going to step into that outlet again. The food is cold, the service is bad. Yucks!

  5. Yvonne, yep, the waiters and waitresses there seems like very relax, not paying attention :S

  6. I heard alot bad comments to this cafe, my friends keep complaint their service bad! But look the pics of food like so yummy woh~ hmmm, wondering should gv it try or not?!:s

  7. Hmm...look from the those pics of the food looks yummy leh....But after reading ur blog, i'm giving myself a big "?". Should i go there again? As my hubby n I plan to go there this Friday! celebrates my father's bithday! I guess i should give them a try...

  8. erm..... don't go during lunch time lo... but other time... oso think twice b4 u wana go since the service so bad.. QB got one.. I didn't try yet... everytime see long queue already not feel like trying already... lol... wait till not so new only go try...

  9. Evelyn and Angeline, actually the food look presentable but taste so so... you may give it a try provided if you have the time and dont mind waiting!

    Ivy, I actually heard quite alot about this cafe through radio advs and thought it's popular! but how come like that one? I dont know, perhaps it only happens at Tpg outlet?!

  10. The drinks look nice and thirst quenching... you all so 'cham', pity you! Rushing can easily cause indigestion leh!:(

  11. Alice, yes, I dont like eating in a hurry as well, but we got no choice that day... :S


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