Friday, June 18, 2010

Sauk, Perak

Not many people is aware of the place Sauk, which is a village situated in Northern Perak. I was first introduced by FIL about this place, a restaurant named Lau Kai (老街), to be exact.
take the North-South highway and exit at Kuala Kangsar, drive about 15-20 mins further and you'll find the signboard Sauk.

they offer alot of fresh seafood, some rare fishes as well

we were there last night, to taste the expensive fish, Empurau, which is a hardly seen fish type. all thanks to the si tau poh who is so kind to reserve the fish for FIL.
but first, this is the Soon Hock aka Nam Ko (I think it's called marble goby fish in English)

this is the main cast (which to me, looks like a normal fish :P). I was pretty shocked about the price which is RM 500 for 1kg! this one weight about 1.5kg :0

2 giant vent shrimps 孔虾

assorted home-made (tofu and fish balls) to fill our tummy 1st

stir fry choy sum

sambal 姑菜

here comes my favourite! steamed goby fish

Lau Kai fried rice also tasted yummy~

the expensive Empurau. though it looks ordinary, but the texture is smooth and the meat is firmed (sorry dont know how to describe). well, I think it's worth for me to sacrifice my precious yoga session just to attend the dinner, lol...

kam heong vent shrimp

steamed vent shrimp

last but not least, fish belly with fried bean sauce 蒸酱鱼腩

It was a truly satifying and filling dinner! burpppppp....

for your information.... ;)

the total bill! thanks FIL for the lovely feast!


  1. wow, the Empurau so so so expensive ah?! I tot soon hok is the most expensive leh... thanks for the sharing, make me 大开眼界! ;)

  2. Mei, So ngam leh..this Sunday we'll go there to celebrates father's day!!!

  3. Evelyn, the Empurau is a very rare species that's why it's very expensive! I'm indeed very lucky to be able to eat this! :D

    Angeline, haha well then enjoy your day!

  4. look yummy~~~ Nam Ko also my fav....
    so compare Nam Ko with the Empurau, which one nicer???

  5. Wow, looked like a loyal dishes la! All the seafood make me drooling. Your FIL is so great.

  6. Vinnie, I like both, but if really wanna compare, then I prefer Nam Ko cause the texture is really smoother!

    Yan, yes, my FIL is a nice man though he doesn't talk much, lol.

  7. All the food on the tables make my tummy rumbling now (even though I just had my lunch)! Very luxurious and yummy!!

  8. Yvonne, hehe, next time we can organize trip like this also! :D

  9. Oh dear, I never have Empurau before, but it sounds really tasty! The vent shrimp dishes really look delicious! Yummy!^-^

  10. Alice, yea, overall the food is yummy and special! try the Empurau if you have the chance, it's worth a try despite the cost... hehe ;)

  11. At first I was like... Oh new place for nice seafood!
    Then I saw the price.... Hahaha Never mind... :p

  12. Shirlexia, well, that pretty much depends what you order ma... so you should give it a try since you're a food lover!

  13. Nextime go sauk restoran near balai polis


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