Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stunning office wear

In case you din't know, Silverstone provides uniforms for all of it's employees and we ought to wear them every working day, except for Saturdays when we can dress prettier for some mini fashion show :P
this is me with Yan and Yvonne at the company's recent fire drill, in our boring uniforms of course. we are also given a tailored made skirt/pant.

i've been here for 3 years now and frankly speaking, the uniform bores me out =_= for once i even think that any pretty lady wearing this uniform will look ugly too, lol...
i know having to wear the same old uniform is convenient in the way that:-
-i dont have to spend money on buying expensive office attires
-saves time as i dont have to think of what to wear to the office every morning, and skip that idea of mix and match

but if i were given a choice, i'd prefer to chose my own office attires to work *wink*

#1. For example, funky prints wear like this. it certainly brightens up my day at work!

#2. or pretty hot white jeans like this (though white may not be a good idea for people who have big hips). wear this with a pair of high heels and you sure look hawttt!

#3. Executive black dress which is well known for its slimming effects. best worn during interviews or meeting with others.

#4. Young OLs would love casual comfy club dress like this.

#5. Last but not least, my favourite would be modern vintage look like this! A two-tone blouse tucked into a skirt is the ideal marriage between fashion-forward and the fabulous ’50s.

okay, gotto stop dreaming and get back to work....
*information and photos from here*


  1. Don't worry, u still look pretty in the uniform... :) hmm, i'm so lucky, there is liberalize clothing for our company :D But scratch head to think what should wear everyday leh...sometime I just lazy to dress-up, so t-shirt with jeans or 3/4 pants is the often wear for me to office! :p

  2. Evelyn, well, i'm kinda jealous at you people where you can wear anything you like to the office... not bad wert!

  3. This reminds me of the Chinese phrase "you see me good, I see you good" (你看我好,我看你好).

    I may have the choice of choosing my own attire, but most of the days I end up with T-Shirts and long pants because that's the most comfortable outfit that I love most (^_^)

  4. Plain old uniforms are so boring... I love to suggest to the management, to change our uniforms design every 3 years. At least to kill the boredom of seeing same thing for 10 years! But then again.... I don't think they'll hear me. Need to bear with the ugly uniforms and appearance.

  5. Wai Leng, well, at least you can end up with T-shirts! i reckon that'll be very comfy!

    Yvonne, haha, if they accept this suggestion, then we'll have to participate in designing the uniforms already, which is something i'm quite lazy to do la :P

  6. Hi Hayley, to me it is the person who is in that 'boring' uniform what counts. And you with your charming personality, and traffic stopper good looks....you look good in that uniform, stylish I must say.
    You have fun and keep well, Lee.

  7. Lee, but it's really boring to wear the same uniforms every working day... i just hope to have a change, lol.
    thanks for your lovely comment!

  8. Well sometimes I really think uniform is better...
    1) Save money on buying clothes.
    2) Save energy and time on choosing the right clothes every morning!

  9. Shirlexia, lol, sometimes things can be so irony right?
    no doubt wearing uniforms have its own pros and cons, i still prefer to choose my own working attires, keke ;)

  10. wow...nice outfit....r u in fashion line?

  11. Vialentino, thanks!
    those photos are retrieved from internet, and nope, i'm not in fashion line :P
    but i love exploring fashion styles!

  12. I love the executive black dress and white jean, I reckon it would look beautiful on you!

  13. Alice, black is always my top favourite!
    but for the white jeans... i doubt it'll look nice on me, as i have big hips T_T


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