Monday, June 21, 2010

When in Rome, Fall in Love

I know I'm very far behind, haha, well, what to do? I missed the show in the cinema last few months so I could only wait for the clear version of DVD.
I'm very eager to watch this because of this handsome man *blush* who would deny his good look right? :P
anyway, storyline is kinda predictable, typical love story, but something special about this movie is the spell and the beautiful romantic view in Rome, Italy.

Starring: Josh Duhamel, Kristen Bell

Synopsis: A career woman Beth (Kristen Bell) claims she would only let go her job when she finds a man whom she love more than her job. While attending her sister's wedding in Rome, she immediately attracted by the groom's best man, Nick (Josh Duhamel). But due to some misunderstanding, things did not work well and Beth who starts to doubt in love, steals some coins which thrown into the Fountain of Love by people. She later had 4 different men (the coins' owner) coming and messing in her life. She then learned that her act of stealing those coins are a curse and she had to break it in order to get rid of them.
well, the ending is a happy one as she realises Nick loves her real despite of the curse.

rating: 3.5/5

*more infor here*


  1. Hmm interesting, will ask my hubby to get this DVD.

  2. Romantical story...? I prefer action pack though, however I reckon the scenary of Rome, Italy is worth seeing!^-^

    Have a wonderful day to you!

  3. Angeline, eh, I thought you're in the world cup fever?! lol.. anyway, enjoy this movie!

    Alice, well, sometimes too much action-packed movies also not good, must balance up :P
    You too, have a nice day!


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