Friday, July 30, 2010

Healthy lunch

Today is 观音诞 (The birth of Guan Yin). Colleague from Costing department, Loi, who is a vegetarian suggested to have lunch together, as well to celebration iPis (company's performance incentive).
She ordered 8 dishes for the 11 of us. We headed to Jia Yi Dao Vegetarian restaurant (家一道素食餐厅) during lunch just now (view my previous visit here).

before the dishes came..
l-r: me, By Ling from Purchasing Dept, Loi, Wan, Foo

and now, the food we had:

#1. 梅菜花生烤 (meat with preserved vegetables)

#2. 海扒京白 (stir fry chinese cabbage with wolfberries)

#3. 胜瓜豆付 (stir fry tofu with loofah)

#4. 腰豆彩碟 (mixed greens with cashew nuts)

#5. 亚三鱼 (assam fish)

#6. 清炒菇类 (stir fry assorted mushrooms)

#7. 日本冬荷清炒 (stir fry japanese winter lotus)

#8. 沙拉虾球 (fish balls and salad prawns)

All the dishes are of big portion! But luckily we managed to finish all... it was a very healthy filling lunch! the service is fast and the food taste good overall.... total bill is RM 180 and shared among us...

last but not least, all of us! I seldom have lunch/outings with this gang of people... perhaps more chances in the future! ^^

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Understanding hair woes

1. Hair loss
Shedding hair is both natural and cylical but if you're losing a lot more than 100 to 200 strands a day, it could be a sign of stress, low iron levels, lack of protein or thyroid hormone imbalance.
(I blogged about hair loss here, anyway I'm glad that the situation is improving now! So consume more vege/tofu/eggs and other food which is high in iron and protein)

2. Dull and dry
Overuse/misuse of hair dryers, heat-styling products and colouring products can dry out hair. So use them moderately.
(I shampoo my hair every 2 days(sometimes everyday if really needed), and blow dry them everytime.. now I think I have to cut down on the drying time...)

3. Oily and greasy
Oily hair, even when hair is washed frequently is caused by oversecretion of sebum from scalp, which could be due to hormone imbalance.
(Usually my hair gets oily after a day. So, I cannot imagine how I'll deal with them during my future confinement period! :o)

4. Slow to grow
If your hair growth has gone fron fast to slow, it may be the result of a period of illness, severe stress or poor diet.
(Never know stress could do so much harm to our overall body!!)

5. Dandruff
It could be caused by nutrient deficiencies, most commonly zinc and Vit C, but it can be treated by the right shampoo. If the situation becomes worse, it's advisable to get it checked.
(well, dandruff is a very embarrasing situation especially when we're wearing dark color clothing... so, don't take it lightly!)

*infor from CLEO *

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A trip to North

While most people attended Taiping Heritage Run last Sunday, hubby and I headed to Penang for short trip. Actually the main purpose of this trip is to get a DSLR camera which I've long for.... :D

camwhoring in the car and he entertained me with his usual lansi face

it was a cloudy day... and it rained at Penang when we reached Queensbay mall....

searching and searching, we couldn't find any camera shops there!! only found Sen Q but they din't sell Nikon! we decided to switch to Gurney Plaza but 1st, let's have lunch!

settled at Manhattan Fish Market

100 plus to quench our thirst

chili sauce, mayonese and some garlic

hubby had fish n chips (sword fish)

and I had baked herbs dory fish with chips

while we were on the way to collect our car, we saw this Kodak Express shop and we saw Nikon D5000 in the display cabinet!! :0
walked in to inquire about the price without hesitation and end up.......

tada!! :) finally we bought this at QB itself, saved time travelling. with this new toy, I'll need to do alot practice/reading/exploring on the manual. I'm not a professional now but I'll try to be one in the days to come, muahahah :D

p/s: I took photography course when I was in Uni, but all the knowledges had return to my lecturer! *slap forehead*
someone please? how to play with shutter, aperture, focus etc etc....... =_=

Monday, July 26, 2010

JJ cakes

A colleague of mine once belanja me some JJ cakes and I totally fall in love with them! Well, if you know me well you'd know I'm a cake person la~
Last weekend I've ask for her favor to buy me some JJ cakes, all the way from Ipoh (those staying in Ipoh might know this..)

a varieties of cakes and swiss rolls. they're claimed to be preservatives-free and low in sugar! Also, fresh fruits and vegetables are used!

I bought green tea cream cheese, chocolate and fresh yam swiss rolls

also, coffee walnut swiss roll

a closer look, I like the green tea and yam! the texture is so smooth and they're not too sweet! just nice!

one swiss roll is about RM 12. I think it's worth though.

I also brought some to the office today for my dearest colleagues, hehe.. thanks for sharing the fats! (you know who you are :P) And I hope you like the cakes!

*for more infor you can visit their website here*

Outlets in Ipoh:
Tel: 05-2559933
39, Jalan Tokong, Ipoh, Perak.
No.12, Jalan Kampar,
30250 Ipoh.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Aromatherapy essential oil

Few months ago, I bought a rosemary essential oil, an oil warmer and some fragranced sticks from Living Cabin. Though the sticks smell nice, but I realised the smoke is kinda awful (mind you, I have sensitive nose). At that moment, I regretted on such impulse buying, and just put the essential oil aside.

fragranced sticks which contain rose, lavendar, green tea and jasmine scent

Recently, I smell something nice from SIL's bedroom, it's her aromatherapy essential oil. So I decided to dig out the essential oil and warmer, and bought a box of soy candles from Watson and started to make full use of it...

soy candles from Watson

Usually, I light the candles about 30 mins before bedtime, so that the nice scent filled the whole room and helps me sleep better, but actually my ultimate purpose of doing so is to fill the whole bedroom with nice aroma scent (I like anything which smell nice) I'm loving this practice and planning to invest on more essential oil ^^

I think most of you know that aromatherapy helps to boost your mood, relieve stress and energize your body. It’s also used to treat certain emotional and physical conditions.
Different fragrances have different functions too. For example, lavender and chamomile help in releasing stress and anxious. Peppermint helps you to maintain focus and stimulates our mind. Vanilla oils help in reducing cravings for sweets and thus resulting in weight loss (oh really?)

sources from here

Try it and let me know the outcomes! :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Beating jet lag

Time flies and it's near to August already! I bet some of you have started planning for year end trip.. :) no doubt travelling is fun and exciting, but sometimes jet lag really make us tired and not able to enjoy the trip... Here I found some useful tips from CLEO magazine on how to beat jet lag, and I'd like to share with you...

Before you go:
1. Reset your international clock
Go to bed a little earlier or later (depending on your destination and time difference) several days before to adjust your sleeping time.
2. Pack ahead
Acoid packing at the last minute. You dont need unnecessary stress that can distract your sleep.

When travelling on long-haul flights
1. Avoid alcohol and caffeine
These 2 are drugs and dehydration is known to worsen jet lag.
2. Breathe in fresh air
Try to get some fresh air if there's some stopover. The re-circulated cabin stale air can cause fatigue.
3. Get some sleep or exercise
Get some rest or do some in-flight exercises (you'll find them in the in-flight magazine)

After arriving at destination
1. Stay out of the hotel room
Dont take a snooze after check-in, it'll make adjusting to local time harder!
2. Avoid heavy meal
Eat just enough to power you through till bedtime.
3. Go sightseeing under the sun
Natural light is believed to help your body adjust to a new time zone.

til then, have a happy trip and a great weekend! :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ong Bak 3: The Final Battle

Starring: Tony Jaa, Dan Chupong
The final instalment of the Ong Bak franchise, "Ong Bak 3: The Final Battle" continues from where "Ong Bak 2" left off. Tien (Tony Jaa) was captured and tortured by the Mystic Crow Demon (Dan Chupong) and sentenced to death by being buried underground. However Tien was rescued by Pim, an Apasara dancer and nursed him back to health. His ex-master Phra Bua, now a monk at the village, teaches Tien the traditional dance 'Klon'. Tien regains his physical and mental strength and awakened the new martial arts "Hattayuth" or "Dancing fight". However, Tien still seeks revenge against the Crow Demon and must battle him physically while he struggles with the darker demons inside of him.

*source from here*

I've watched Ong Bak I and II, and personally feel it's a nice movie, thats what trigger me to watch this too. But I'm disappointed with the movie :S Part III is much boring compared to the previous 2. Not much storyline, except for more fighting and reveal how the King dies due to the curse. The most exciting part comes towards the end of the movie where Tien battles against Demon and bring back harmony to the village.

rating: 2.5/5

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Treats from oversea

Woohoo! Colleague had just came back from China business trip and he bought us all some snacks, as well as my all time favourite Ferrero Rocher!! :D

Now, don't have to afraid of starving liao. and these things will definetely helps when we're feeling bored/sleepy.. muahaha :D All thanks to Khoo! At least he remembered to bring back something....

*photo credits to Yvonne*


Additional snacks from boss, Hawthorn cake (山楂糕) and assorted dried assam

Monday, July 19, 2010

Back to reality...

... and reality is always cruel =_=

fyi, it was the office honeymoon last week, as boss was away for business purpose. During this time, I woke up feeling happy just like a baby, without worries. LOL :D
But reality is reality, like it or not, we have to accept it. So today, blue Monday mode is on.

Anyway, I hope you had a great weekend because I did! (though it's abit restless)
Besides the usual hang out on Saturday night, hubby invited the gang to our place yesterday night (psst, parents in law were away! :P)
It was a last minute call so most friends had had their dinner already, so there were quite alot of left over food.
as usual, they don't it a party without their poisonous beers

we bought 2 buckets of KFC, satay ayam, junk food and drinks

a group photo of us!

the fun time ended around 11pm and while they were leaving, I quickly cleaned up the place and throw the garbage, and then rush to date Mr Zhou Gong!
Ask me and I'd prefer not to organize this kinda gathering so often at my place. Though I said I'm very particular in cleanliness but I'm actually not when I'm tired..... :S

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hair clips

If you remember, I mentioned here that I love collecting hair clips. So yesterday I took some times to search for my my collection of hair clips but to my surprise, I realised many had gone missing! Could it be I throw gave them away? :o

Anyway, I only managed to find these few.. I hope you're not dissappointed!

1. Silver clip with diamonds, got it at no more than RM10 from One Price Shop Taiping, easy to match with just any styles.
2. Purple fluffy clip I bought from Maggie T, few years back (can't remember the price)
3. A pair of pink ribbon clips, present from my cousin. This is also the 1st hair clip I've ever had!

4. Silver star hair clip, bought this from Hatyai last year, I think it only cost about 50TB (RM5)
5. Magnetic flower clip, a birthday present from a friend's gf. Suits for bridal hairstyle.

6. This is my current lurve! A pair of white ribboned hair clips, I bought this during my Japan trip last year, cost about 550¥ (RM20), abit expensive but it was a love at 1st sight!

7. I also like crowns, this I bought from One Price Shop Taiping as well....

Okay, I gotto continue my hair clips searching now!

Have a great Sunday you guys! ^^

Friday, July 16, 2010

Something about sunglasses...

I know some friends who can't live without sunglasses. They might have this habits and reasons behind, but to me, I seldom wear one because I have my spec on most of the time. However, I still keep one or two in the car in case I really need them. But I can still live/drive without them.

While browsing through Yahoo homepage this morning, I came accross this interesting topic and I'd like to share with all of you!
The topic is 'Are designer sunglasses worth the price?'

Here's some contents from the article:-

1. Most sunglasses are made by the same company
Whether you prefer Bulgari, D&G or Salvatore Ferragamo, they're all from the same company! So why bother which one to choose? :D

2. Those expensive sunglasses may not be any better for your eyes, either.
Three-hundred dollar sunglasses don't do anything better than $100 sunglasses, except maybe look better and have a brand name associated with them. Expert notes that making lenses that offer protection against harmful ultra-violet rays "isn't very expensive technology".
Unless you're particular about the branding, otherwise, you can consider to buy one from the night market :P

3. An inexpensive pair of sunglasses from the pharmacy isn't the worst thing in the world.
The main reason people wear sunglasses is to block out (regular) white light. And from that point of view, cheaper glasses work pretty well too, and they will probably block most UV rays, even if not all of them.
Another good reason to support 'You dont necessarily need an expensive branded sunglasses'.

4. Those fancy glasses are really costing you a lot more than you realize.
If you make your shades last for many years, that would be one thing. But who does that? The people who want designer items want the latest fashion each year. And then there are the pairs that get lost, scratched at the beach or being sat on.
Honestly, if I break my RM20 sunglasses, it won't be as heartache as breaking a RM200 sunglasses, you get what I mean?

Wearing a RM19.90 sunglasses from Vincci, this is me during the visit to Spain back in 2008

new white frame sunnies I bought during the Hatyai trip, it's about 200TB if I'm not mistaken :D (I can summarise, the most expensive sunglass I've ever bought is no more than RM30 :P)

and this one is the latest, Gucci inspired muahaha :D Got it at Mid Valley KL for only RM25.

Realised something in common? most sunnies I bought is rectangular in shape, this is because rectangular sunglass looks better for me as I have round face.
What about you? Do you believe in cheaper sunglasses? What kinda shape you like?
Til then, enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Angels in white

I remember the most common essay we used to write in our school time is 'My Ambition', be it in English, Chinese or Malay. Now that I recall, it's funny thinking that I actually have different ambition every year, haha :D
Needless to mention, one of them is to be a doctor ^^

But as I grow up, I learn that it's definetely not easy to be a doctor, or in the field related, it's a continous endless study. And shame to admit, I dont have the brain and interest in doctor/nurse/pharmacy =_=But of course being a doctor is a highly honoured job and I think it's cool wearing the white coat, with a stethoscope around the neck. hmm, something like nursing scrubs and lab coats .

sample taken from Nursing Uniforms Net

On the other hand, I've just finish watching the HK drama lately, The Mysteries of Love (谈情说案), and Profesor King (Raymond Lam) in his lab coat looks cool! so as his partner, Janet (couldn't find a photo of her =_=) they look professional in that lab coats.

snippet of Professor King, in his lab coats

Sometimes, I did wonder do I have a chance of wearing the cool nursing scrubs? LOL. I have a few pharmacist and lab reseacher friends, I think it won't be hard to borrow the coats from them. muahaha :D

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Legally married

Another couple got registered last Sunday at Persatuan Buddha Taiping(佛教会). As a supportive friend, hubby and I joined the ceremony and arrived at the place at about 9.30am.

signing the registration certs before the prayer ceremony starts

Elie is 21 y.o and Boon is 25. so young right! :0

family and friends, giving them the best wishes!

lovely bouquet and engagement rings

the ceremony was supposed to start at 10.30am, but delayed one hour later =_= all thanks to the other register couple who mistaken the time!! >=(
anyway, a big congrats to both Elie and Boon! looking forward to their wedding reception this year end! and they're going London next month for their pre honeymoon, how nice!

Done with the registration, Boon's parents invited us to Matang for lunch.
clockwise from top left: seafood porridge, steamed murex shells, stir fry kappa and fried rice noodles with crabs. all are yummy~

a photo of us to end the post! :P

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The lurve for chocolates

If you followed my blog for some times, you should know I'm a chocolate person ;) basically, all kinds of edible chocolates ^^
Though I like chocolates, sometimes I can't help but feeling guilty after consuming :( Thank God I found some useful infor/guidelines through Yahoo and I'd like to share with all chocolate lovers out there.

1. Raising the bar
Read the labels. For example, A Toblerone white chocolate bar is only 180 calories; however, this actually means for one serving, meaning if you eat it all, you’re getting 540 calories and 30 grams of fat.
So take some times to study on the labels.

2. Sugar-free Calorie Bombs
Don’t be fooled by the "free." For example Sarris makes a sugar-free chocolate bar that contains 300 calories and 12 grams of saturated fat.
So bear in the mind that not all sugar-free desserts really means sugar-free.

3. Worst Health Fakers
Just because a bar sits in the healthy display stand, doesn't mean it's any better than the candy on the other side of the racks.
So I believe the trick is still to rely on the label.

Lindt Classics

Tootsie Pop

4. Fattest Bites
The Lindt Classics chocolate sampler averages 230 calories and 10 grams of saturated fat for three pieces. Most assorted chocolates have similar numbers. For fewer calories and zero fat, you can opt for candy corns. Or suck on a chocolate Tootsie Pop—no fat and only 60 calories—and it will occupy your taste buds much longer than these three sampler nibbles.
So find some substitutions if you can.

*all photos taken from Google*