Saturday, July 24, 2010

Aromatherapy essential oil

Few months ago, I bought a rosemary essential oil, an oil warmer and some fragranced sticks from Living Cabin. Though the sticks smell nice, but I realised the smoke is kinda awful (mind you, I have sensitive nose). At that moment, I regretted on such impulse buying, and just put the essential oil aside.

fragranced sticks which contain rose, lavendar, green tea and jasmine scent

Recently, I smell something nice from SIL's bedroom, it's her aromatherapy essential oil. So I decided to dig out the essential oil and warmer, and bought a box of soy candles from Watson and started to make full use of it...

soy candles from Watson

Usually, I light the candles about 30 mins before bedtime, so that the nice scent filled the whole room and helps me sleep better, but actually my ultimate purpose of doing so is to fill the whole bedroom with nice aroma scent (I like anything which smell nice) I'm loving this practice and planning to invest on more essential oil ^^

I think most of you know that aromatherapy helps to boost your mood, relieve stress and energize your body. It’s also used to treat certain emotional and physical conditions.
Different fragrances have different functions too. For example, lavender and chamomile help in releasing stress and anxious. Peppermint helps you to maintain focus and stimulates our mind. Vanilla oils help in reducing cravings for sweets and thus resulting in weight loss (oh really?)

sources from here

Try it and let me know the outcomes! :)


  1. i always like the Lavender essential oil. I used to do that when I have no children and enjoyed the 2 people world that time. Now, I also forget where was my burner already.

  2. Yan, I like Lavendar as well..
    Hmm, may be you can try to search or buy one from Living Cabin! :)

  3. Wow, your post about aromatheraphy makes me feel relaxed and sleepy...zzzz....lols XD

    Nice one, Hayley! Thanks for sharing the info. ^^

  4. Hi Hayley, I love these and have been lighting them, both incense and candles many years....but not often...
    mostly in Winter to cheer us up when it gets dark by 4pm.
    I love Rose or Jasmine.
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  5. Erika, welcome babe~

    Lee, I like Rose too but not Jasmine, hehe.
    And I prefer the candles than incenses...

  6. I love the lavender smell and i used to have these oil/sticks around the house. However after I had Ashley I stopped using them cos I didn't have time after she was born. Perhaps I should start using them again now.

  7. Barbara, ya, perhaps your child would love them too! :)

  8. I've been neglecting my burner since... dunno when already. Must go and light it up then.

    Hey Yan, you gave your burner to me, remember? Or maybe you have more burner at home, kekeke

  9. Yvonne, oh you got free burner ar? hehe.. Try it!

  10. vanilla oil helps reduce craving for sweet? that's interesting & good for most of the ladies if it's effective! Me too have sensitive nose, I can't stand for all this fancy scents!

  11. Dora, ya, me too find this pretty interesting! Haha.
    Well, you can go for essential oil, the smell is not as awful as the sticks...


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