Friday, July 23, 2010

Beating jet lag

Time flies and it's near to August already! I bet some of you have started planning for year end trip.. :) no doubt travelling is fun and exciting, but sometimes jet lag really make us tired and not able to enjoy the trip... Here I found some useful tips from CLEO magazine on how to beat jet lag, and I'd like to share with you...

Before you go:
1. Reset your international clock
Go to bed a little earlier or later (depending on your destination and time difference) several days before to adjust your sleeping time.
2. Pack ahead
Acoid packing at the last minute. You dont need unnecessary stress that can distract your sleep.

When travelling on long-haul flights
1. Avoid alcohol and caffeine
These 2 are drugs and dehydration is known to worsen jet lag.
2. Breathe in fresh air
Try to get some fresh air if there's some stopover. The re-circulated cabin stale air can cause fatigue.
3. Get some sleep or exercise
Get some rest or do some in-flight exercises (you'll find them in the in-flight magazine)

After arriving at destination
1. Stay out of the hotel room
Dont take a snooze after check-in, it'll make adjusting to local time harder!
2. Avoid heavy meal
Eat just enough to power you through till bedtime.
3. Go sightseeing under the sun
Natural light is believed to help your body adjust to a new time zone.

til then, have a happy trip and a great weekend! :)


  1. I read it in CLEO too. Very useful tips for you, as you'll be going for holidays, right :)

  2. Yvonne, hehe, I will try to make full use of those tips!

  3. i never been oversea, so not sure how is the jet lag feel like...anywhere i will keep tis in mind for my next time oversea trip...thx...
    have nice weekend~

  4. Yes, I hate jet lag, it is awful. I used to take motion sickness pill to make me drowsy, and slept throughout the flight.

  5. Vinnie, don't worry, I'm sure you'll have the chance. Keep these infor in mind, they'll be very useful!

    Yan, I seldom take motion sickness pills, I'm afraid it'll make me even tired when I reach the destination, hehe.

  6. Going anywhere for holiday my friend, i bet you will,,,,,have a great weekend

  7. Eugene, thank you!
    You enjoy your day as well!

  8. yeah I'm planning my 1st overseas trip with the little guy so it's kinda excited. But not so soon, will be somewhere next year. Thx for sharing the tips here :-)

  9. Dora, oh really? Hmm, I'm sure these tips will be useful for you!!
    No problem dear!


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