Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hair clips

If you remember, I mentioned here that I love collecting hair clips. So yesterday I took some times to search for my my collection of hair clips but to my surprise, I realised many had gone missing! Could it be I throw gave them away? :o

Anyway, I only managed to find these few.. I hope you're not dissappointed!

1. Silver clip with diamonds, got it at no more than RM10 from One Price Shop Taiping, easy to match with just any styles.
2. Purple fluffy clip I bought from Maggie T, few years back (can't remember the price)
3. A pair of pink ribbon clips, present from my cousin. This is also the 1st hair clip I've ever had!

4. Silver star hair clip, bought this from Hatyai last year, I think it only cost about 50TB (RM5)
5. Magnetic flower clip, a birthday present from a friend's gf. Suits for bridal hairstyle.

6. This is my current lurve! A pair of white ribboned hair clips, I bought this during my Japan trip last year, cost about 550¥ (RM20), abit expensive but it was a love at 1st sight!

7. I also like crowns, this I bought from One Price Shop Taiping as well....

Okay, I gotto continue my hair clips searching now!

Have a great Sunday you guys! ^^


  1. oh they are very nice. i don't own any hairclips because i think i will look ridiculous wearing them on my hair......hahahhaahahahaaaha. however, i've been buying tonnes for ashley :D

  2. they look very pretty! i love collecting stuff but never really collected hair clips because i always lose them!! hehehe


  3. Barbara, I'm sure Ashley will love it! Girls like hair clips, ;)

    Jen, oh, it's best to keep them in a jewellery box so that they won't go missing!

  4. Hi Hayley, okay, now I know what to get for you should as and when we balek kampong.
    Hair Clips, Canadian ones, of course.
    Your clips are beautiful. And its a great hobby too. To think when I was young, I collected rubber bands, ha ha.
    Have fun.....oh ya, free drop by, Lee.

  5. Hey Lee, thanks in advance! haha :D
    I'm thinking I can collect all of them now and use them on my daughters in the future, hehe :P

  6. But I didn't see you wearing them in your pictures ler?
    I have special love for hairband, did you realize it?

  7. Shirlexia, ya, I love collecting them but seldom wear, haha..
    hmm, I did see you in your hairbands in some of the post... hehe ;)

  8. I don't really have any hair clip myself, or may be I have one. So, don't laugh at me if you see me wearing my daughters' those very childish hair clips.

  9. Yan, I think you wore once before to the office, right? ;)

  10. Hey, I like your star-shaped hair clip from Hatyai. Very pretty!

  11. Yvonne, haha thanks! I like that one too!

  12. 7 of them...hmmm.....better than mine! I think I only have 2 - 3 of them and have been 'sleeping' in the box for more than 5 years. haha....Nice hair clips collection you have.

  13. mNhL, thank you! ^^
    I must keep them properly, and pass to the next generation.... muahahaha :P


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