Friday, July 30, 2010

Healthy lunch

Today is 观音诞 (The birth of Guan Yin). Colleague from Costing department, Loi, who is a vegetarian suggested to have lunch together, as well to celebration iPis (company's performance incentive).
She ordered 8 dishes for the 11 of us. We headed to Jia Yi Dao Vegetarian restaurant (家一道素食餐厅) during lunch just now (view my previous visit here).

before the dishes came..
l-r: me, By Ling from Purchasing Dept, Loi, Wan, Foo

and now, the food we had:

#1. 梅菜花生烤 (meat with preserved vegetables)

#2. 海扒京白 (stir fry chinese cabbage with wolfberries)

#3. 胜瓜豆付 (stir fry tofu with loofah)

#4. 腰豆彩碟 (mixed greens with cashew nuts)

#5. 亚三鱼 (assam fish)

#6. 清炒菇类 (stir fry assorted mushrooms)

#7. 日本冬荷清炒 (stir fry japanese winter lotus)

#8. 沙拉虾球 (fish balls and salad prawns)

All the dishes are of big portion! But luckily we managed to finish all... it was a very healthy filling lunch! the service is fast and the food taste good overall.... total bill is RM 180 and shared among us...

last but not least, all of us! I seldom have lunch/outings with this gang of people... perhaps more chances in the future! ^^


  1. Paiseh.. I am a buddhisht but I din know today was Guan Yin's birthday until I read your post.

    I like vegetarian dish too especially my mom in-law's homecooked "Loh Hon Zhai". Yumz..:P

  2. Inspired Momx1, I love loh hon zai too!
    I think it's okay to have vegetarian food once a while.. cause too much meat also not good...

  3. Wow! The food really looks delicious! Thanks for sharing the photos and names, so I can place orders easier if I were to go for vegetarian restaurant. You know la, I seldom take vegetarian food one. Only know to point this and that, or follow chef recommendation.

  4. Yvonne, haha no worries~
    The chinese names is given by Loi, but the english names I simply translate only, hopefully it's understandable la.. kakaka :)

  5. Hi Hayley, seeing the delicious foods, I guess you and gang live to eat.....I eat to live, ha ha.
    Never knew about Kwan Yim's b'day.
    People celebrate the birthday?
    Must check this out, very interesting.
    You have fun and keep the group photos....Lee.

  6. I eat vegetarian dishes once in a while. Those in the table look delicious!

  7. Lee, ya, you can google for it ;)
    Its one of the important event for Buddhist..
    You enjoy your weekend!

    Dora, yaya, those are really yummy and presentable as well!

  8. RM180 for 8 courses, that's definitely a suiside price!:D

  9. Alice, ya! and most importantly, it's yummy~

  10. I haven't tried this restaurant before, because my family seldom like to have vegetarian one. Next time, got chance, we can go there on our own.


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