Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Legally married

Another couple got registered last Sunday at Persatuan Buddha Taiping(佛教会). As a supportive friend, hubby and I joined the ceremony and arrived at the place at about 9.30am.

signing the registration certs before the prayer ceremony starts

Elie is 21 y.o and Boon is 25. so young right! :0

family and friends, giving them the best wishes!

lovely bouquet and engagement rings

the ceremony was supposed to start at 10.30am, but delayed one hour later =_= all thanks to the other register couple who mistaken the time!! >=(
anyway, a big congrats to both Elie and Boon! looking forward to their wedding reception this year end! and they're going London next month for their pre honeymoon, how nice!

Done with the registration, Boon's parents invited us to Matang for lunch.
clockwise from top left: seafood porridge, steamed murex shells, stir fry kappa and fried rice noodles with crabs. all are yummy~

a photo of us to end the post! :P


  1. Seriously! You have so many friends getting hitch I'm so jealous! I've been waiting for a long long time for my friends to get married so that I can join the fun!

  2. congrats to both of them!!! ;)

  3. 21 and 25 definitely young couple. Pre wedding is London, envy!

  4. Shirlexia, well why not start from YOU?! :D

    Evelyn, yea!

    Yan, yep, I'm jealous too... =_=

  5. I don't want! Isn't it married woman cannot be jie mei anymore???

  6. congrats to both of them....wait, u r married too? u r very young only wor.

  7. Yvonne, on behalf of my friends, thank you!

    Shirlexia, this doesn't apply to me, haha. It depends on you/your family's beliefs.. Many of my friends married and can still be jie mei ;)

    Vialentino, haha thanks for the compliment wo, yea I'm married too! ^^

  8. A lot of fun events awaiting you... hoho, the wedding day and banquet :)
    Anyway, congrats to both your friends and welcome to the world of uncles & aunties.

    Btw, Matang seafood porridge is very very delicious!

  9. Yvonne, haha thanks! ;)
    Yep, the porridge is nice! Too bad it was a hot day so I couldn't really enjoy much.. hehe.

  10. Hi Hayley, thats nice attending a friend's wedding. Nice pics too. And gosh....sure a very young couple too.
    21 and 25? Wow!
    Hey, you look real cool in your beautiful designer sunglasses. Love it. You look like a Taiwan or HK movie star too, ha ha....
    Bet if I was in a car beside yours at traffic lights, sure turn to look, ha ha.
    Have fun, Lee.

  11. Thanks Lee! ^^
    I personally like that sunglasses as well, got it during my previous KL trip.
    You take care!

  12. Congratulation to Elie and Boon too! I could agree more with Uncle lee, you sunglasses really looks great on you!^-^

  13. Alice, hehe thanks! The sunglasses is a pirated Gucci, muahaahha :D


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