Monday, July 5, 2010

A random Sunday

On most Sundays, EK and I wake up late and usually skip breakfast. We'd go for brunch instead and our next meal would be dinner (if there's no particular event).

It was a lazy Sunday over the weekend, as EK has just recover from his drunk session the previous night, lol...

MIL's guardian dogs, Walley (left) and Fifi (right). they're super heavy and sometimes very busybody :P anyway, everyone in the family loves them as they're 2 very good dogs. and oh, they're both female ;)

after brunch, we headed to Nickson's shop for some chatting and I managed to play with his pet, QQ, very nice and cute dog! (by this I think you can tell I'm a dog person ^_^)

Later that evening, we had birthday dinner celebration for Jason and PekLian, at Mr BBQ restaurant.
ku lou yok

stir fried sotong

fried eggplant

deep fried salad crisp

deep fried butter prawns

last but not least, steamed Garoupa

the food tasted ok, but it's slightly expensive, total bill is RM 294 for 16 people, including drinks. we then headed to Prima cafe for a short yum cha session, before everyone welcome the blue Monday =_=


  1. wow, your MIL's dogs look ferocious :D Good guard dogs huh? I used to have a rottweiler too :) Now Ashley is bugging us to let her have a beagle. We told her she can only have 1 when she is 10 :D

  2. I love dog too but I can't keep a dog coz we are staying at condo so we'll visit the pet shop to look at those doggies...

    It's good to catch up with frens & hope your Monday would be colorful:-)

  3. Barbara, they look ferocious but actually they dont bite. hehehe..
    Ya, I think it's better to let kids approach pets when they're big enough...

    Dora, oh I know about that, too bad huh? But I believe some people still keep a pet in their condo.. hehe :P

  4. QQ really cute woh~ I scared dog actually but I still like doggie~ they're really cute lar.... ;)

  5. what a nice weekend.. the dogs look like rothweiller?

    btw, just wanna ask whether u r interested to write a paid post? contact me if u do..thanks!

  6. Hi Hayley, wow, love those dogs. I love dogs too, but prefer Dobermans.
    Can see you live to eat, not eat to live, ha ha.
    Those dishes look sinfully delicious...and one of my favourites is that steamed garoupa....and that fried sotong looks exciting.
    Have fun, Hayley....stay cool, Lee.

  7. Evelyn, Nickson's shop got 7 dogs, big and small =_= but all are cute and obedient, hehe...

  8. OMG. I will faint seeing that 2 dogs your MIL have. So fierce. I'm afraid of dogs! hehe

  9. I also find Mr. BBQ expensive. The deep fried salad crisp looked yummy.

  10. wah....the dog really look ganas ler...really nice food there

  11. Evelyn, yaya, Nickson's shop has 7 dogs, big and small, all are cute and obedient ;)

  12. mHnL, lol, they look fierce only, but if you give them food, they wont bark at you anymore, hehe..

    Yan, Mr BBQ is well known for its expensive price, but luckily the food taste ok..

    vialentino, thanks for dropping by~


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