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Something about sunglasses...

I know some friends who can't live without sunglasses. They might have this habits and reasons behind, but to me, I seldom wear one because I have my spec on most of the time. However, I still keep one or two in the car in case I really need them. But I can still live/drive without them.

While browsing through Yahoo homepage this morning, I came accross this interesting topic and I'd like to share with all of you!
The topic is 'Are designer sunglasses worth the price?'

Here's some contents from the article:-

1. Most sunglasses are made by the same company
Whether you prefer Bulgari, D&G or Salvatore Ferragamo, they're all from the same company! So why bother which one to choose? :D

2. Those expensive sunglasses may not be any better for your eyes, either.
Three-hundred dollar sunglasses don't do anything better than $100 sunglasses, except maybe look better and have a brand name associated with them. Expert notes that making lenses that offer protection against harmful ultra-violet rays "isn't very expensive technology".
Unless you're particular about the branding, otherwise, you can consider to buy one from the night market :P

3. An inexpensive pair of sunglasses from the pharmacy isn't the worst thing in the world.
The main reason people wear sunglasses is to block out (regular) white light. And from that point of view, cheaper glasses work pretty well too, and they will probably block most UV rays, even if not all of them.
Another good reason to support 'You dont necessarily need an expensive branded sunglasses'.

4. Those fancy glasses are really costing you a lot more than you realize.
If you make your shades last for many years, that would be one thing. But who does that? The people who want designer items want the latest fashion each year. And then there are the pairs that get lost, scratched at the beach or being sat on.
Honestly, if I break my RM20 sunglasses, it won't be as heartache as breaking a RM200 sunglasses, you get what I mean?

Wearing a RM19.90 sunglasses from Vincci, this is me during the visit to Spain back in 2008

new white frame sunnies I bought during the Hatyai trip, it's about 200TB if I'm not mistaken :D (I can summarise, the most expensive sunglass I've ever bought is no more than RM30 :P)

and this one is the latest, Gucci inspired muahaha :D Got it at Mid Valley KL for only RM25.

Realised something in common? most sunnies I bought is rectangular in shape, this is because rectangular sunglass looks better for me as I have round face.
What about you? Do you believe in cheaper sunglasses? What kinda shape you like?
Til then, enjoy your weekend!


  1. yeah...sunglasses very important to me esp taking care of my eye sight when driving under hot sun...

  2. Me too, not brand conscious. I think mine costs below RM30.;P

  3. Hi Hayley, interesting post. Some sunglasses make a woman look exciting, sexy even...and some? Yeeeech!
    As well pay $$$$ for a designer name brand, 3 months later a new model comes out.

    I have been wearing Rayban aviators past 45 years, both normal one as well sunglasses....
    And only last week my wife decided to get one too...Rayban aviators sunglasses....the one with gold rims.

    And she's giggling that all her friends complimenting she looking exceptionally glamourous......
    Rayban Aviators has never gone out of style since 1943. And today, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, JLo, etc etc...practically all the Hollywood actors, actresses wears them one time or another.

    My wife now saying she's happy, no need keep up fashions, as this will be fashionable next 100 years.

    By the wa, you look great in yours.
    Have a pleasant weekend, stay gorgeous, Lee.

  4. Vialentino, I agree that sunglasses is useful especially driving under the bright sunny day!

    Inspired Momx1, haha high 5! :D

    Lee, well I know Rayban is a well known brand, so I think the quality is of certain standard too! Glad that you and your wife found a suit one!

    Have a great day everyone!

  5. lolx...for me, sunglasses is use for hide my ugly eye =S

  6. Mei.I can't live without my sunglasses while i'm driving and traveling. I prefer comfortable wearing and my eyes are protected. If i were to buy cheap one, i will intend to buy more. Hahaha. So i rather bought a better one, to cut down my spending. I owned 2 from Charles&Keith n Guess which has been with me for more than 3yrs now.

  7. Yeah, gimme 5! I love sunglasses and I love them cheap. I hardly drive and most of the time I prefer to stay indoor. Hence a branded and expensive sunglasses is kinda not worth for me to invest. I opt for cheap sunglasses because I get bored of them fast and the new model is always in the market after a few months. Agree?

  8. Same here, I have only2 sunglasses, both are cheap, one from Nose and one from Bonita. I seldom wear them also, because I do not want to hide my sexy eyes, boohoo!

  9. Sherley, ugly eyes? Do you have?? =_=

    Angeline, perhaps you already get used to it... But to me, I'd buy a cheaper one, unless my hubby sponsor me la, muahaha :D

    Yvonne, yea agree! If we buy a cheaper one, we can at least buy a few of different styles for mix and match! That's what I thought...

    Yan, haha true true! Should let people see your sexy eyes! ^^

  10. i seldom wear do not invest in sunglasses...i only got 2 sunglasses, one is the normal one n the other one is those clip on type...n u know wat...the normal one i free,present by my come to think of it, i only bought the clip on one which cost only RM26...

  11. Agree. I have 2 sunglasses only, one for running n one for driving. No need expensive one lah

  12. Vinnie, haha I know, read your blog post on sunglasses too! The clip one really cute and convenient!

    Eugene, haha yay! Seems like majority prefer cheaper one ;)

  13. wow, you have a lot of sunglasses and you look good in them. i only have one now :D

    hmm...i won't pay more than rm500 for a sunglasses ;) unfortunately, i can't wear sunglasses which are not sold at the optical stores. i don't know why i get dizzy after wearing them. wish i could just wear any type of sunglasses.

  14. Barbara, thanks ;)

    Oh I know, I heard from some people around me, that they can't simply wear any sunglasses... I'm not sure is it the mind trick or...?
    But RM500 for a sunglasses is too much for me, lol.. I could actually buy a very branded one with that :)

  15. I also think big sunglasses suit me best because of my big fat face!
    I only buy cheap ones too! Mine is also from Vincci! :p

  16. Shirlexia, yaya, Vincci sunglasses are trendy and the price is reasonable too!


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