Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Treats from oversea

Woohoo! Colleague had just came back from China business trip and he bought us all some snacks, as well as my all time favourite Ferrero Rocher!! :D

Now, don't have to afraid of starving liao. and these things will definetely helps when we're feeling bored/sleepy.. muahaha :D All thanks to Khoo! At least he remembered to bring back something....

*photo credits to Yvonne*


Additional snacks from boss, Hawthorn cake (山楂糕) and assorted dried assam


  1. We are going to have another fattening week, until the snacks finish. *wuu wuu*

  2. I am happy to have so many goodies from a colleague, but also dissapointed to have nothing from a boss.
    p/s:They tavelled together.

  3. You and yvonne colleagu ka? same posts one

  4. I mean working in the same place ka, you yvonne ?

  5. wow....so much of goodies.

  6. Yvonne, ya, and most of the food also put near our cubicle one....

    Yan, you're right! But come to think of it, it doesn't surprise us also la if he din't bring us anything...

    Eugene, yep! We're colleagues! Yan as well! hehe ;)

    mNhL, you want some? :P

  7. hahaha I just read yan's post too! arent u guys lucky!! so much yummy food :)

    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  8. Jen, yes, we are colleagues ;)
    And lucky to receive so much goodies! :D

  9. hey hayley....u know where my eye aiming...kekke....the ferrero roche ler...kekeke....post one to me lah...hehehe

  10. Vialentino, haha, there's no way I could post them to you! Cause they're my favourite of all! :P


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