Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Understanding hair woes

1. Hair loss
Shedding hair is both natural and cylical but if you're losing a lot more than 100 to 200 strands a day, it could be a sign of stress, low iron levels, lack of protein or thyroid hormone imbalance.
(I blogged about hair loss here, anyway I'm glad that the situation is improving now! So consume more vege/tofu/eggs and other food which is high in iron and protein)

2. Dull and dry
Overuse/misuse of hair dryers, heat-styling products and colouring products can dry out hair. So use them moderately.
(I shampoo my hair every 2 days(sometimes everyday if really needed), and blow dry them everytime.. now I think I have to cut down on the drying time...)

3. Oily and greasy
Oily hair, even when hair is washed frequently is caused by oversecretion of sebum from scalp, which could be due to hormone imbalance.
(Usually my hair gets oily after a day. So, I cannot imagine how I'll deal with them during my future confinement period! :o)

4. Slow to grow
If your hair growth has gone fron fast to slow, it may be the result of a period of illness, severe stress or poor diet.
(Never know stress could do so much harm to our overall body!!)

5. Dandruff
It could be caused by nutrient deficiencies, most commonly zinc and Vit C, but it can be treated by the right shampoo. If the situation becomes worse, it's advisable to get it checked.
(well, dandruff is a very embarrasing situation especially when we're wearing dark color clothing... so, don't take it lightly!)

*infor from CLEO *


  1. woah! thanks for the research wor~~~ I never knew so much of these. like really - I lose a lot of hair and it's probably because I lack iron. thanks for sharing - this info helps a lot. thanks thanks!!


  2. Jen, you're most welcome la~
    Hair loss is a worrying issue also, hopefully your situation will improve soon!

  3. I have oily scalp and my hairdresser suggested me to use a designated shampoo for it... Well, i could not find any differences, hence i use back my old one. That special shampoo is very expensive!!

  4. Yvonne, hmm, I know it's hard to find a suitable one.. sometimes even if we pay for the high cost shampoo, cannot guarantee it works fine too! :0

  5. From my head to toes, hair is the part that I take the least care of. I proud to say that I born with thick black hair. 2 pregnancies had caused me lost my some hair, but it didn't affect the hair volumn at all. I use all types of shampoo. The part that I took most care is my complexion, but I still grow pimples at this age. Why like that one?

  6. Yan, ya, I can see that you have thick and fast growing hair!
    Hey, you're not alone.. most woman have pimples la~ Just take good care of them lo...

  7. Very informative, thanks for the great tips!^-^


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