Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Versatile Blogger

I got to know this tag through mNhL's blog, she doesn't tag anyone in particular but I think it's fun, so decided to do the tag as well. thanks mNhL for the tag! ;)

To join the fun, simply...
1. List 7 random things about yourself.
2. Share the award with up to 15 other bloggers.
3. Link to each of the recipients and let them know they've won via comments on their blogs.
4. Thank and bring the love back to the person you won the award from by linking back to them.

so here goes, 7 random things about myself:

1. I'm very particular in neatness and cleanliness, at home or in the office. Hence, I develop a habit to doing house chores and make sure everything is in order.

2. I like anything sweet. chocolates, cakes, desserts, you name it :) I always believe sweet things enlighten my day!

3. My biggest wish is to try bungy jumping!

4. I collect hair clips, though i seldom wear them. I'll try to blog about it one day when I'm in the mood ^^

5. Sometimes, I prefer shopping alone than going out with a whole gang of people.

6. For once, I wish I was a model :P

7. I always love beaches. the sand, the sunrise/sunset, the waves... it calms me ;)

Please feel free to do this tag, as I don't plan to tag anyone in particular.

Til then, have a wonderful weekend! ^_*


  1. hey i dunno u collect hair clips...then i should present u some of my handmade hair clips for ur collection...haha~~~

  2. Vinnie, hehe ya, it's not too late now :P

  3. ya coming ur way...hehe

  4. Hi Hayley, glad to know 7 things more about you. ^^ I was tagged with it too but decided not to do it first. :P If you're lucky, you'll get to read it in my blog. ;) Take care and have a beautiful Sunday with your loved ones. ^^

  5. Hi Hayley, ahaa, now we know about you.
    Holy Smoke! You want to try bungee jumping?
    You much more braver than me...not even for $5000! No way will I try that, ha ha.

    You can still be a model...join one of those modelling have the looks and ahemm, traffic stopper figure, good height too.
    I've seen models, I wouldn't even look twice....but if you....not only look, let go handbrake, ha ha ha.
    You have a pleasant week, Hayley....and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  6. Vinnie, really?! haha, thank you!! :)

    Erika, well, I'm waiting to see your blog post on that :P

    Lee, haha are you serious? I'm only 160cm la~ cannot qualify also =_=
    But anyway, thanks for your lovely comment, it surely do good for a blue Monday like now..
    You have a good day!

  7. Ok, now I know you like hair clips... hehehe. And we both love anything sweet :)

  8. Glad to know u better now. Hey, as for #1 ~ I was like u once but tell u, I guess u'll get fed up after it messed up by the baby next time!

  9. Dora, haha, I'm yet to find out this one, but I certainly hope I could still stick to this habit ;)

  10. Your first point is a very good habit, your husband is blessed.
    I didn't know about your point 4. I will keep this in my mind when I see nice hair clips next time.

  11. Yan, aww that's sweet, thank you in advance :P

  12. Huhuhu.... I hit the jackpot for list no. 2, 5, and 7, high 5!!^-^

    Looking forward for your hair clip collection post, I personally think it would be interesting!:)

  13. Alice, hehe ok, will find time to snap photos and blog about it ^^

  14. Aww....thks for doing this tag. Because most blogger already done the tag, so I decided not to tag anyone, lest double tagged them. ANYONE interested can just join in. Glad that you did!

    Hmm.....#1. A very good habit. And good excercise too!
    #2. wow..u got sweet tooth. I don't like chocolate and sweet but love cakes.
    #3. salute! I will chicken out. I have faint heart. hehe
    #4. what a special hobby. Waiting for you to blog about it.
    #5. yes yes...i like to do it solo too. No need to wait here and there. Have more freedom.
    #6. Haha..I have this 'ambition' too but turned into a dream only. U have the look. U shold try!
    #7. I love beaches too.

  15. mNhL, no worries~
    I enjoyed doing tags like this! But frankly, I was having troubles from #5 onwards, squeezed my brain and finally figured 7 things out! LOL!

  16. Hi Hayley, I'm dropping by from Sheoh Yan's blog. I noticed a few similarities between us, which prompted me to leave a comment here :)
    I'm a neat/clean freak too. I also like sweet treats/desserts like you. I sometimes like shopping alone (less distractions) and i absolutely love the beach! :)

  17. Chloe, hey there! Thanks for dropping by~
    I realise many girls like sweet things! hehe ^^


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