Wednesday, July 7, 2010

WC & SL's wedding

Note: Thanks Erika for her sweet blogger award! *xoxo*

We're invited by SiauLin to attend her wedding reception last weekend, at Flemington Hotel. she's one of our BDS member's sister. and now, I shall let the pictures do the talking ;)

#1. attended her barchelorette night on Friday. dint have much beer this night as most of us are working the next day

On Saturday, I decided to join the morning ceremony at a very last minute :P

#2. a picture with the bride 1st before she started to get busy!

#3. the bridegroom came, with the tai kam jeh (chinese matchmaker), a big roasted pig, 2 bottles of liquors, oranges and some chinese incenses

#4. all the heng dais (the groom's brothers)

#5. games... they have to eat breads with blended coffee and bittergourd (weird!), suck the thick and sweet banana milk using long straws, twisting the guy on the lap and chew on several super hot cili padi!

#6. done with the games, the groom is allowed to meet his lovely wife ;) we had some food before leaving SL's house.

We met again at Flemington Hotel in the evening.

#7. 1st, a lovely picture of the bride and groom

#8. EK and I, all black

#9. candies for the guests ;) attending this function reminds me of my wedding which held 3 months ago, how fast time flies!!

#10. Annie and I, all black too!

#11. with Mei Xin, the bride's future sister in law

#12. the guys were in their BDS shirts

#13. couples

#14. the food we had that night

#15. thanks to the lovely couples, we had lots of fun! the guys had liquors and the gals had some red wine. here, I wish them a happy marriage!


  1. Nice event to get around with friends! You looks marvellous in that LBD. So slim and envy you lor~

  2. Yvonne, thanks ;)
    But don't you remember, black has slimming effect! ^^

  3. Hi Hayley! I agree with you, time really flies! ^^

    I'm happy that you love the cupcake @ sweet blogger award~ ^^ And thanks so much for the link too, you're really sweet! *Huggies... :D

    Wow, you look gorgeous in that LBD of yours! So pretty~ ^^

    And your previous post about Mr.BBQ restaurant / dishes just makes my mouth water.. *Drool... I love food~ XD

  4. Erika, no worries~

    Yea, I love food too ;) it's my practice now to snap photos of food everytime before I eat! :D

  5. Congrats to the newly-wed couple, they're lovely!

  6. Dora, thank you on behalf of them :P
    yep, they're one sweet loving couple!

  7. Wishing your pals a happy and beautiful marriage too!^-^
    p/s: The bride looks so cheerful and friendly!:)


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