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Towards the end of August

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Though it's a blue Monday today, I'm still glad that we'll be off tomorrow!! Isn't it always happy knowing that holiday is coming? :)
Either you're planning to travel outstation tomorrow (I heard all tolls are free, eh?), or stay at home, I wish all my lovely readers a Happy 53rd National Day! Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan! ^_*

More food!

While most of you are enjoying the off day and a strench of long weekend, I'm sitting here in the office working :(
Well, at least the traffic's smooth today and the big cat is not in! :P

Anyway, today I'm going to post more food picts so please bear with me!^^

we went to The Gate cafe yesterday during lunch, there's no customers but we waited 15-20 mins for all the dishes to arrive :/ this one is buttered chicken rice for Yvonne
I ordered sizzling kung pou fish with rice

Yan had mee Taipan

while Celine had nasi goreng kampung

today, we went to Yang Sheng Ge restaurant for lunch... we tried a few types of soup again today such as:

angelica(当归) herbal soup

dried vegetables soup

ginseng root herbal soup

green radish soup

as well as sweet corn soup

pumpkin sago dessert for each and everyone of us.. yummy!

other side dishes to share are sesame oil chicken...

... and sambal petai
and now, feeling full and sleepy, we're back to our work station, waiting for 5.30pm....

Of food and fun

Another Saturday gathering. The guys always looking forward for this day every week, as their good friend - beer, is calling them.. ~.~This time was at Yao's house. But before going to his house, we had dinner at Nagaria steak house. Nagaria's sesame seed chicken chop

Nagaria's triple lamb chop (EK's favourite)

after the quick dinner, we headed to Pokok Assam to buy some snacks.

steamed ground nuts

some left over snacks

everybody's favourite! pokok assam's famous fried chicken! even better than KFC I tell you! but must have the patience to queue and wait lo....

cute animal printed mooncakes from Yao's cake shop

it's a custom now for the gang to wear their BDS shirts every Saturday nights... =_=

a group photo of us!

For a good cause

I'm not sure whether you're aware, but there's a voluntary team set up here in Taiping about 4 months ago, called the Pasukan Keselamatan Sukarela Taiping Perak(太平自愿治安队). The purpose of the team is to help police in reducing house break-ins and thieves cases in Taiping. Until today, the team has more than 700 members consist of chinese youngsters/gentlemen, even ladies as well.
TP members will patrol around Taiping and report to each and every member if they spot anything suspicious.

There was an exclusive interview with the team leader last week, check out ChinaPress Saturday (21/8/2010) edition ok.

To become a voluntary TP member, all you have to is to pay RM 380 to get this walkie talkie set, there'll be an unique number assigned for you (and you can request own lucky number provided the number is available). all communication using the walkie talkie must be of official purpose only.

thanks to the prompt actions and helps, they have successfully overcome numerous thie…

Vegetarian dinner

Again, another gathering with my colleagues from Costing and Finance. this time is to celebrate Karen's birthday, initial planning was at Starbucks but because we planned to bring our cake, so, we changed the venue to Jia Yi Dao vegetarian restaurant.
(read here for my previous review)

this is Evonne, a very sampat yet nice girl, she'll continue her study at China next month

all the ladies... (minus Karen)

and this is the birthday lady, Karen

all of the ladies now! l-r: Evonne, Jasmine, Loi, Karen, Bee Bee, me, Amy

the little girl in the middle is Karen's daughter. there was only one guy during the dinner, he refused to take any photos and volunteered to be cameraman.. so, photos credits to Brian!

enough camwhoring, let me present to you the food we had that night:

1. stir fry tofu with loofah

2. mixed greens with gingko nuts and almond

3. steamed fish (which is made of flour)

4. preserved vegetables

5. scramble mushrooms with eggs

6. last but not least, this is my favourite, curr…

Best curry fish head in town

When I was away to KL last 2 weeks, EK joined his gang to have curry fish heads at Pokok Assam Taiping. I being jealous, asked him to bring me there again! LOL :D

Ok back to the topic, Aun Loke's curry fish heads is my all time favourite, I'd say its the best curry fish heads I've ever had in Taiping! Usually, this famous dish finishes very early, especially on weekend. so we decided to go in the afternoon as less crowd is expected (though the weather was hot yesterday!)

for most Taiping people, I'm sure Aun Loke is not new. it's situated just by the road side of Jalan Tupai.

got appertizer somemore, hehe :)

1st dish to come, fried assam prawns! yumm yumm~

crispy rolls aka bak kean

EK's favourite, sambal petai

jeng jeng jeng, main course for the day, tasty curry fish head! the fish head is big! Usually the fish head we have is not very meaty, but this one is just perfect! the curry gravy is just so nice, not too spicy though.

another dish we ordered is salty kampu…

Little something about them...

Received a forwarded email about our internal organs and their timing, and decided to share...

3am-5am, lungs
It is good to wake up at this hour (are you sure?!) the ozone content in atmosphere will be more this time. If practice breathing exercise, yogasanas and medication, it will be healthy for us!

5am - 7am, large intestine
best time to visit the toilets

7am - 9am, stomach
breakfast should be completed this time

9am - 11am, spleen
if food is taken this time, it will increase body temperature and tiredness

11am - 1pm, heart
one shall neither do any hard work nor sleep at this time

1pm - 3pm, small intestine
sleep shall be avoided

3pm - 5pm, urinary bladder
this is the right time for coffee, tea or juice

5pm - 7pm, kidney
time to relax from routine work

7pm - 9pm, heart wall
supper should have been finished during this hour

9pm - 11pm, temperature, warmer
this is the time to recharge the organs that worked since morning, so one shall go down to sleep and avoid reading

11pm - 1am, gall bladder
one must sl…

Too much is no good

I believe many of us tend to cross our legs when we sit down, especially ladies. Not only does it looks more manner, it also make us look more, ehem, sexy, haha :D But did you know, too much of this practice is bad for you? Crossing legs hinders circulation. It puts pressure on the veins under the knees and slows blood flow, creating an unnecessary burden on the heart. Siting with crossed legs pose health risk for individual with the following: heart conditiondiabetesvaricose veins (veins that have become enlarged and tortuous)poor posturepregnancypoor leg circulationsounds pretty scary right? :0 I guess I should start reminding myself..more information here

Closest friends

Had a short gathering with Crystal the other day, since she's back from Sg for a few days. she's my bridesmaid during my wedding in March this year. we're quite close as we used to go jogging/hiking together...

1st gathering was at Station One cafe. it's ok if you order just the drinks, but if you order food at this outlet, be patient because you'll need to wait at least 15 minutes =_= (though there're not many customers)

Crystal and I, she has a prominent dimples

with Annie

a day before she goes back Sg, we had another yum cha session at La Promise cafe.
a group photo 1st

hmm, thinking something? :P

here, with my lovely friend again

decent us

serious us

what to eat leh....

us again

I looked like I'm wearing a floral headband haha :D
wondering why these same old faces? thats because we're the few left staying/working in Taiping, many of our friends are working outstation. and that makes us even closer than before... :)