Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Be safe...

.. in the month of chinese July.

Today's the 1st day of chinese July, sometimes it's not that I want to superstitious, but some thing we must believe....
Just now when I was on the way to photo shop, I saw an accident just in front of Bomba Taiping which involved a car and 2 bikes =_=

To make myself feel safer/better, I actually went to a temple this afternoon with Yan and Yvonne to ask for some ang kong hu, hope to be blessed throughout the whole Hungry Ghost month. I wish all of you, safe and blessed!

ang kong hu to keep with me everywhere I go...

p/s: view my last year's post on the same topic.


  1. Hi Hayley, I havetotally forgotten about this particular month.
    I bet the temples must be crowded.
    I guess I'll light a couple of joss sticks at my alter, just play safe.

    I love the pics of you and the dogs previous posting. I love dogs and miss having one.
    Too expensive having one here.
    You have a safe week, keep well, Lee.

  2. aiyo i didn't thought of it until u now...aiya y remind me ler...look like need to be careful n back home early a bit lor...u too be careful ooo~~

  3. A lot thing is too hard to explain with Science and logic, since all these were told much earlier than the existence of our ancestors. We better believe it and behave ourselves a bit in this month.

  4. Agree to ur friend, Yan. Must believe and behave in this particular month. Wish you all too...

  5. Lee, guess the Hungry Ghost month is not very 'happening' at your place...
    But better to play safe also la~

    Jen, yes, you too ya!

    Vinnie, ya, this Sunday we should depart from KL early, so I can reach home early ;)

    Yan & Evelyn, ya! Behave well la, just to play safe!

  6. Hey Hayley.... i pray that you be happy and safe,,, ok?

  7. Eugene, haha, ok thanks! same to you!

  8. I'm gonna stay at home when the sun goes down for 1 whole month. Better don't stray when there are straying ghosts around. Amitabha!

  9. Yvonne, ya.. its much safer staying indoor :)

  10. Well yea I know it's the month of July in the Chinese calendar but got one trip in plan... Aiks... You're freaking me out! :S

  11. Shirlexia, oh really? Hmm, if you're uncomfy about it, then consider postpone to next month lo~

  12. I only came to realize that we will be travelling on the Ghost month ! 7 yue 15 th. Oh dear!

  13. Time flies, it's the time already!^-^ Both my kids were born in ghost month, I was actually looking forward to this month!

    Have a nice day!

  14. mNhL, oh.. if you really had to, then just be careful, that should be fine! be safe ya~

    Alice, oh really? hmm...
    You have a nice day too~

  15. wow, everyone also got this talisman :) now i am quite scared of the 7th month :(

  16. Barbara, hmm.. dont scare, we all will be fine if we dint do anything wrong...


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