Monday, August 23, 2010

Best curry fish head in town

When I was away to KL last 2 weeks, EK joined his gang to have curry fish heads at Pokok Assam Taiping. I being jealous, asked him to bring me there again! LOL :D

Ok back to the topic, Aun Loke's curry fish heads is my all time favourite, I'd say its the best curry fish heads I've ever had in Taiping! Usually, this famous dish finishes very early, especially on weekend. so we decided to go in the afternoon as less crowd is expected (though the weather was hot yesterday!)

for most Taiping people, I'm sure Aun Loke is not new. it's situated just by the road side of Jalan Tupai.

got appertizer somemore, hehe :)

1st dish to come, fried assam prawns! yumm yumm~

crispy rolls aka bak kean

EK's favourite, sambal petai

jeng jeng jeng, main course for the day, tasty curry fish head! the fish head is big! Usually the fish head we have is not very meaty, but this one is just perfect! the curry gravy is just so nice, not too spicy though.

another dish we ordered is salty kampung chicken

total bill is RM 126 and shared among 9 of us, cheap or expensive, you rate it yourself :)
If you're a curry lover too, come to Taiping and I'll bring you there!


  1. 好想念这家店哦,已经N年没去了!好想念那里的食物喔,样样都很美味~ 流口水了。。。

  2. Evelyn, 对,样样都美味。。:)

  3. I had dinner at this restaurant a long long time ago, and that was one time only. We seem to forget this dining place and nobody ever mention about it. I can't remember how tasty the food is, but from your photo they tell all - looks yummy! Going to recommend to my hubb already.

  4. Yvonne, yes, I also had it once few years ago.. my hubb's recent visit reminds me..
    Faster ask your hubb to go, hehe ;)

  5. i was so happy to read this...but until at the end of ur taiping...jauh jauh but since u will bring us there...can consider ....looks very yummy ler...

  6. Via, haha, not really jauh la, 3 hours journey. ahaha :D
    come la, I'll bring you there, but you pay la :P

  7. next time if i visit taiping, i'll just check out your blog, yan's or yvonne's for places with good food :)

  8. Barbara, ya sure!! :)

    Ivy, nice! come Taiping la, we can meet up ma... ^^

  9. Didn't know that you husband likes petai too. I finally found petai kaki.

  10. Yan, actually my in laws all like petai... =_=


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