Friday, August 6, 2010

Birthday party

Evelyn invited us to her nephew birthday on Weds. din't managed to snap much photos, not in the mood, LOL :P

the birthday boy cutting cakes, kids these days are so lucky right?

food to eat are lok lok, rojak, agar agar (jelly), fried mee, laksa

slice of icing cake (gosh I've had so much cakes/swiss rolls lately! =_=)

EK and I shared some lok lok

Guinness Stout for the guys

yours truly, Evelyn, forgot-her-name (sorry!)

last but not least, mango swiss rolls all the way from Sg!! thanks Evelyn for the yummy dessert!

the swiss rolls are really nice, lots of mango cubes inside, and the texture is so smooth and taste so nice! there're still several types of flavour such as durian, chocolate etc..

here's the contact in case you wanna know...

Rich & Good Cake Shop
24 Kandahar Street Singapore 198887.
Tel: 62943324


  1. eat first, don't think so much. haha.... the mango swiss roll is so special.

  2. mNhL, yalo, always have this kinda thinking, which results in my weight figure now =_=

  3. I love the mango swiss roll. Very special and delicious. Thanks for the treat!

  4. Yvonne, welcome la~ we always share the fats together! :P

  5. feel hungry after visit yr blog ><

  6. bday party also got guiness....very nice party pics...

  7. Vialentino, you serious? haha, actually I'm not satisfied with the photos, yet. But anyway thanks for the compliment!

    Oh, actually the Guinness Stout we ordered from the opposite kopitiam, akakak :D

  8. I always love this type of party. Free and easy, lots of food to enjoy.

  9. Yan, you're right! hehe.. especially if it's free :P

  10. woah! I see a lot of food wor. it is making me very very hungry lah!


  11. Jen, hehe ya, all were home cooked food, yummy~


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