Thursday, August 19, 2010

Closest friends

Had a short gathering with Crystal the other day, since she's back from Sg for a few days. she's my bridesmaid during my wedding in March this year. we're quite close as we used to go jogging/hiking together...

1st gathering was at Station One cafe. it's ok if you order just the drinks, but if you order food at this outlet, be patient because you'll need to wait at least 15 minutes =_= (though there're not many customers)

Crystal and I, she has a prominent dimples

with Annie

a day before she goes back Sg, we had another yum cha session at La Promise cafe.
a group photo 1st

hmm, thinking something? :P

here, with my lovely friend again

decent us

serious us

what to eat leh....

us again

I looked like I'm wearing a floral headband haha :D

wondering why these same old faces? thats because we're the few left staying/working in Taiping, many of our friends are working outstation.
and that makes us even closer than before... :)


  1. Closest fren dun have to be more, just a few of u guys oso have lots of memories. Cherish the friendship!

  2. Angeline, ya true.. but the more the merrier, LOL :D

  3. and your friends are so sweet! xD Viva forever! - By the Spice Girls^^

  4. I find the pic where u ladies posing for "serious" is actually quite funny... I'm wondering the cameraman/woman was laughing when snapping it :-)

  5. Hayley, at least you still have 2 old friends in Taiping. I have none. All outstation.

  6. you guys look super young lah :) hehehe isnt it awesome to have reunions once in awhile???

    have a nice day!
    jen @

  7. It's fun to be with friends. Lovely photos!
    Thanks for sharing! :)

  8. totally agreed with u....ur friend dimple very prominent and deep....same here as mine...except i am fat cant see my dimple already...

  9. Erika, viva forever, I like that song! ^^

    Dora, haha, the camera man dint laugh, but I was the one who hold my laughter.. haha, I too feel this photo is funny~

    Yan, but nvm, you have us your colleagues, haha :P

    Jen, yep you're right! it's good to have gathering like this, lots of things to gossip/chat!

    Lancelonie, thanks for the comment!

    Via, haha, I dint notice that! :0

  10. Uh..i love gathering...because of the food....

  11. Willie, yes, can eat, drink and chat! nice huh? :)

  12. hahhaa...maybe i din smile wide enuff....or my face chubby time show u my dimple pics...

  13. Via, haha ok, let me know by then :P


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