Wednesday, August 25, 2010

For a good cause

I'm not sure whether you're aware, but there's a voluntary team set up here in Taiping about 4 months ago, called the Pasukan Keselamatan Sukarela Taiping Perak(太平自愿治安队). The purpose of the team is to help police in reducing house break-ins and thieves cases in Taiping. Until today, the team has more than 700 members consist of chinese youngsters/gentlemen, even ladies as well.
TP members will patrol around Taiping and report to each and every member if they spot anything suspicious.

There was an exclusive interview with the team leader last week, check out ChinaPress Saturday (21/8/2010) edition ok.

To become a voluntary TP member, all you have to is to pay RM 380 to get this walkie talkie set, there'll be an unique number assigned for you (and you can request own lucky number provided the number is available). all communication using the walkie talkie must be of official purpose only.

thanks to the prompt actions and helps, they have successfully overcome numerous thieve cases in Taiping! I hope with their helps, police will gain more man power to bring peace and harmony to our beloved Taiping town.
of course whatever missions they involved, safety always come first!

their head office is situated at Kampung Boyan, same row with Weng Sang shop.


  1. Your "ang" have it too?

    Mine here is TP67 & TP412! Over Over.

  2. ya, I know about it when I back taiping last 2weeks. So great and happy to see our chinese so helpful and 同心协力! Really appreciated and thanks for bring peace to Taiping! ;)

  3. Angeline, yes, hubby and his gang also got ;) they even went to the spot to help catch the thief, haha :D

    Evelyn, 是的。。

  4. if more people like them, no need police liao o.. :3 good thing to do. hehe

  5. Hi Hayley, my time too during the '60s and '70s there was a spate of home invasions as well the notorious 'orang minyak'....and the government formed similar to this Taiping one, but called 'Rukun Tetangga' and only men from each house in locality take turns patrolling the streets, roads where we live. Up to 4.30am.

    But still the robberies continued.
    And I was one of the unfortunate or fortunate to manage to almost catch the orang minyak too...he tried to break into my house, but I had laid a booby trap for him, and he got cup up very badly too, but got away.

    You take care and have a nice day, Lee.

  6. goldflower86 & HwiYee, haha, but somehow we still need police effort la.. But hopefully, with the helps of this voluntary team, thieve cases would reduce...

    Lee, yes, I know Rukun Tetangga as well. But this one involve people from all around the town..
    Thanks for dropping by~

  7. So u guys join the volunteer team and serve the community? We have Rela team here in KL and I guess there may have some similar responsibilities among them :-)

  8. Dora, my hubby joined, I dint, haha :P
    Yep, they have common responsibilities....

  9. Thumbs up for those volunteers! Appreciate their effort for our safer community :)

  10. Yvonne, yes!! Taiping will be more peaceful then!

  11. This indeed very good. Gambateh to your husband. Catch more thieves, especially now closer to festive.

  12. Yan, haha ya, everyone must be careful also!


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