Friday, August 13, 2010

Hide the ugly fats

I'm sure this article will be useful for most of us ladies who's having trouble to hide those unwanted fats everytime we slip into our clothes.
If you have money, you may consider signing slimming packages; if you have strong determination, you may go through a strict diet; but what if you dont have both?
No worries, let Yahoo teaches you! ^^

1. Lay off the loose
Many of us mistaken that looser clothes make us look smaller, but this is actually a wrong conception. Instead, dress in a way that's tailored but not tight.

2. Build a firm foundation
Expert says well-fitting undergarments always make you look thinner, it applies for both male and female! So time to shop for some nice and fitting undergarments! Just make sure they're comfy and dont rupture any internal organs.

3. Accessorize your assets
If you're not happy with your bottom half, don't wear bold bracelets that call attention to it when your arms are down. Instead, wear a bold necklace or earrings that draw the focus upward. The same theory applies if you have big bust.
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4. Bisect with a belt
If you have a tummy or a beer belly, your best tactic is to have a belt cut across it. Not higher (looks old), not lower (looks sloppy), but smack through the middle. It creates a shorter torso and a longer leg line thus resulting in a slimmer silhouette.

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5. Consider a car coat
It's a great way for women to disguise a tummy or hips. Choose one that hits above the knee and is tailored at the shoulder.

Hope it helps! ^^
Will be away during the weekend, til then, have a happy slim weekend! :)


  1. Great and helpful tips. I should start throwing away all the big loose blouse in my wardrobe.

  2. Hmm, nice necklace you googled. It's time for a wardrobe change, muahahaha!

  3. Hi Hayley, you're absolutely right here.
    Allow me to add, drink lots of Chinese green helps take away the oil and good for health.
    You sure have a great fashion taste....
    Have fun, Hayley....and keep a song in your heart, Lee.

  4. Yan & Yvonne, yaya, the tips are useful right? ^^

    Lee, thanks for dropping by~
    I agree, Chinese green tea is a good drink to wash away the fats.. I believe many especially ladies love it!

  5. oh my. this is what I need to do exactly. but its so darn hard :(


  6. Jen, no worries, let's gambateh!

  7. OMG, useful tips to jot down...!!! Specially about hiding the spare tyres!^-^

  8. Alice, haha ya, useful for most of us!


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