Friday, August 27, 2010

More food!

While most of you are enjoying the off day and a strench of long weekend, I'm sitting here in the office working :(
Well, at least the traffic's smooth today and the big cat is not in! :P

Anyway, today I'm going to post more food picts so please bear with me!^^

we went to The Gate cafe yesterday during lunch, there's no customers but we waited 15-20 mins for all the dishes to arrive :/ this one is buttered chicken rice for Yvonne

I ordered sizzling kung pou fish with rice

Yan had mee Taipan

while Celine had nasi goreng kampung

today, we went to Yang Sheng Ge restaurant for lunch... we tried a few types of soup again today such as:

angelica(当归) herbal soup

dried vegetables soup

ginseng root herbal soup

green radish soup

as well as sweet corn soup

pumpkin sago dessert for each and everyone of us.. yummy!

other side dishes to share are sesame oil chicken...

... and sambal petai

and now, feeling full and sleepy, we're back to our work station, waiting for 5.30pm....


  1. After this hearty lunch, my tummy is still feeling very warm with the Angelica soup and pumpkin dessert inside. It is a very satisfying lunch, as I get to eat all my favourite pumpkin and petai.

  2. Wow, you have great lunch there! Mine was not bad too

  3. Been having sumptuous lunch for continuously 2 days. Full and satisfying. Burp...

  4. I havent take lunch and see this post... make me so hungry liao laaaaaa.... lol!!!

  5. Yan, you're right! Your favourite petai and pumpkin at the same time! hehe..

    Yvonne, yes, I can also feel my skirt is tighter lo =_=

    Angeline, yep the meal is tasty! Oh no, the pumpkin sago is not FOC :)

    Evelyn, what makes you not have lunch?? It's 3pm already! :0

  6. Angeline, thanks and same to you!

  7. OMG, yummy!^^ *Drooliiiiiiiiiiing* I can't speak ady~ xP

  8. ahhhh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u make me hungry. lol. i love petai the most.:( where can i find petai at this hour >.<

  9. Erika, haha :P

    goldflower86, you like petai too? haha, high 5!

  10. i adore petai. hehehe. but if eat petai, go to toilet do business, feel the whole toilet smell petai. wakakakakak

  11. Hi Hayley, first time I see nasi goreng kampong. Mind if I have that picture?
    You sure know your to eat, ha ha.
    And still able to keep your trim figure too, *wink*.
    Have fun, Lee.

  12. Hwi Yee, yaya :D

    goldflower86, yes, thats the cons of petai.. =_=

    Lee, sure no problem! give me your email address then, hehe ;)

  13. woaah thats a lot of food! holy smokess!!! did u guys end up finishing all of it???

    have a fabulous dayy!
    jen @

  14. Jen, yea we did =_=
    haha, dont want waste food, so wallop all ^^

  15. Wow! Am drooling already... love all your food posts :)

  16. I love most of the spread of food, specially the soup and dessert!^-^

  17. ChloeRuoyi and Alice, thank you thank you!!


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