Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pizza craves

It's been ages since my last visit to pizza hut. recently it's closed for a month for some renovations and it had re-open last Friday.
I'm not a big fan of pizza, but there's a sudden crave for it recently (which I cannot explain why). so we paid a visit there last night...

pizza hut Taiping, which is just next to KFC :)

the interior design is nice, but now the place looks smaller than last time...


Pepsi for EK and hot milo for myself

mushroom soup for 2

Thai seafood pizza (crunchy crust) for us, got spicy tuna chunks, crabsticks, squids and onions on top, yum yum~

tried to avoid the camera but still got captured, haha :D

It was a satisfying meal! ^^
met up with friends later on, before heading back home.
French fries at Prima cafe *fat fat*


  1. Hmm...I was craving for pizza hut yesterday too. Can't explain the reason too (i'm not preggie). Too bad, my hubb bought high-cholestrol nasi lemak for me.

  2. We love pizzas too but Domino's still our 1st choice.. :P

  3. hungry. going for lunch now.. haha

  4. sadly i'm not a big fan of pizza but my hubby is. i prefer kfc though :D

  5. I love french fries much than pizza... =p

  6. Yvonne, hehe, nasi lemak also good wert!

    Inspired Momx1, ya, Domino is nice as well! but Taiping dont have one :(

    ::yvonne::, so what did you had?

    Barbara, my hubby is totally opposite with yours, he doesnt really like pizza...

    Evelyn, haha, I prefer McD's french fries more :)

  7. hahaha...u crave for pizza...i also ngam ngam posted pizza pics...kekeke.

  8. Vialentino, hehe, so coincident! :D

  9. So good that your husband and you enjoyed your togetherness at the newly renovated Pizza Hut.

  10. Yan, hehe thanks! Not easy to get him to eat Pizza...

  11. Yummy, I love Pizza Hut too! ^^ My favourite has to be Island Supreme~ It's super delicious and moist~ *Drool* XD

  12. Erika, I like Island Supreme also, as well as Hawaiian Chicken!

  13. Hi Hayley, looks like a very nice place. But regret pizza not on my food list as not too keen on cheese. But love fries.....

    I can imagine Taiping must have changed beyond my recognition as last time there wayyyyy back early '80s....and mostly to go have the well known poh pia there.
    As well have iced coffee at that hotel in the Lake Gardens.

    Oh ya, back in the '70s, used to ha ha, poach for fish at nights at the Lake Gardens...with my SYT beside me, but my hand holding a fishing line with a lizard bait....only problem was stopping the monster haruans, sang yee from splashing jumping too much and attract the jaga's attention, ha ha.

    Hayley, if and when you go eat oh chien and poh pia, send me telegram, I would love to see what they look like. I mean Taiping ones. Can ahhh?
    Have a nice day, Lee.

  14. Lee, yep, Taiping sure has changed alot compare to last time, please feel free to pay a visit here when you're at Msia!
    And fishing at night at Lake Garden is still a trend, I see some uncles still doing that :)

    Ok sure, will let you know if I have the photos of popiah and oh chien :)

    Thanks for dropping by and have a great weekend Lee.

  15. only thing l like about pizza hut is their mushroom soup.
    I think I prefer dominos better.
    I like Papa pizza too.

  16. Johnnie L, yea, their mushroom soup is nice!
    We don't have much choice here.. only got Pizza Hut, hehe :)

  17. I love pizza. But our pizza outlets' topping very little le. Once a while I will also crave for pizza. I love french fries too. yummy....

  18. mNhL, haha, both are yummy but cant afford to eat so often! fat fat :P

  19. gotta admit - pizza hut has the BEST pizzas!!! its so expensive here for 2 people. around 40$CAD for 2 ppl here lah. dono how to confirm to your country.


  20. Jen, well, I personally think its quite reasonable.. RM30+ for 2 people...

  21. I personally love their tuna mayonnaise pizza too!^-^ Romantical dinner for both of you!

  22. Alice, I never try the tuna mayonnaise pizza before.. should try it someday!


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