Friday, August 20, 2010

Too much is no good

I believe many of us tend to cross our legs when we sit down, especially ladies. Not only does it looks more manner, it also make us look more, ehem, sexy, haha :D
But did you know, too much of this practice is bad for you? Crossing legs hinders circulation. It puts pressure on the veins under the knees and slows blood flow, creating an unnecessary burden on the heart. Siting with crossed legs pose health risk for individual with the following:
  • heart condition
  • diabetes
  • varicose veins (veins that have become enlarged and tortuous)
  • poor posture
  • pregnancy
  • poor leg circulation

sounds pretty scary right? :0 I guess I should start reminding myself..

more information here


  1. erkkk!~ then cannot sit sexily anymore. LOL!

  2. Wow..almost all the time I sit with my leg crossing cause I feel it looks more manners especially when wearing skirts.
    I should change my sitting posture from now on. Thanks Hayley for sharing so important & useful info!

  3. Ah? Good reminder! I didn't even know this!!!

  4. goldflower86, haha, can still figure out some ways! :)

    Yoong Yoong, you're right! I also very used to sit with my legs crossed...
    You're welcome!

    Shirlexia, well, now we all know! ^^

  5. that is interesting? now surely you don't expect the girl to sit with their legs open wide do you? ha ha.

  6. What a valuable advice! I'll keep that in mind next time~ Thanks for sharing it, darling! xD

    Btw, happy weekends to you and your family~ Be happy, be safe and enjoy your weekends^^

  7. Johnnie L, haha, but its going to take some times to get rid of the habits...

    Erika, no problem dear! enjoy your weekend too ok! ^^

  8. I sit like that almost all the time too, well, not to look sexy but simply because it feels so comfortable! Someone told me, it's bad for the spine too :(

  9. ChloeRuoyi, yes, that website also mentioned the same thing, too much is bad for spine!

  10. I also like to sit cross legs, after reading this, I will remind myself not to sit like that anymore. Thanks.


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