Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vegetarian dinner

Again, another gathering with my colleagues from Costing and Finance. this time is to celebrate Karen's birthday, initial planning was at Starbucks but because we planned to bring our cake, so, we changed the venue to Jia Yi Dao vegetarian restaurant.
(read here for my previous review)

this is Evonne, a very sampat yet nice girl, she'll continue her study at China next month

all the ladies... (minus Karen)

and this is the birthday lady, Karen

all of the ladies now!
l-r: Evonne, Jasmine, Loi, Karen, Bee Bee, me, Amy

the little girl in the middle is Karen's daughter. there was only one guy during the dinner, he refused to take any photos and volunteered to be cameraman.. so, photos credits to Brian!

enough camwhoring, let me present to you the food we had that night:

1. stir fry tofu with loofah

2. mixed greens with gingko nuts and almond

3. steamed fish (which is made of flour)

4. preserved vegetables

5. scramble mushrooms with eggs

6. last but not least, this is my favourite, curry vegetarian lamb with home made buns! really taste like real curry lamb!

after the filling dinner, we had a cake session for Karen, this Tiramisu cake is bought by Amy, from Fresh House Bakery. it's really tasty and look nice too!

last but not least, a group photo with the birthday lady (minus the cameraman)


  1. All the dishes look delicious. Too bad I haven't got the chance to try out this restaurant yet. sigh...

  2. Yvonne, dont worry, we shall go this coming mooncake festival, since got buffet promotion!

  3. so much good food in taiping. i must really go visit asap :D hey, there's starbucks in taiping too?

  4. curry vegetarian lamb with home made buns look so yummy!!! so geng huh... nowadays alot choices for vegetarian woh...

  5. Barbara, yep! Taiping is famous for its great food!
    Yes, there's Starbucks here ^^

    Evelyn, ya lo, somemore all looks and taste very real!

  6. *drool* The bill sure not cheap eh? Vegetarian dishes can be more expensive than the "real" food sometimes. :P

  7. Inspired Momx1, hmm ya, its quite expensive, but shared among us.. so still ok...

  8. Ok, now you cham already, next time when i take my lovely family down to Taiping, you must take me makan makan (no need to jalan one) ok?,,,

    just a joke but if you do come up to Penang, do let me know ya

  9. Eugene, haha, come la, welcome you... :)

    Oh usually when I go Penang, I'll be busy with shopping only.. akaka.. but who knows? Will let you know la if things ok..

  10. I love vegetarian food too~ It's delicious! Yummy! xD

  11. Erika, yes, yummy, and healthy too!

  12. Happy Birthday to your coll, she looks quite young but her daughter is big girl! Guess I like the 2nd dish 'coz I tried this one b4 at one vegetarian restaurant in KL.

  13. Looks really yummy food!! Looks like an awesome reunion dinner hor?? Hehe
    Have a good day hayley!
    Jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  14. Dora, ya, she looks quite young, hehe.. ya, the 2nd dish is nice, I especially love the gingko nuts..

    Jen, yep, it was fun! we took alot of photos! hehehe :)

  15. Mei, the cakes is so yummy. Tood bad I can't join that day. Sunday is always my family day!!

  16. Angeline, yes!! The cake is yummy and the outing is so much fun! We took alot of photos there, haha :D

  17. So much good food! And so often! *envy lah* And the best thing is, you are still so slim and pretty :)

  18. ChloeRuoyi, aww thanks! But actually I'm pretty good in hiding my fats la, haha :P


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