Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weekend getaway part I

*Happy 7th anniversary to you hubs!*

I was away to KL over the weekend, with Vinnie, my ex Uni mate. we've planning this trip since last month, the initial plan was to meet up with the rest for gathering but I guess time isn't so good this time, as all were busy! anyway, Vinnie and I still enjoyed ourselves very much, with the company of SIL and Desmond her bf.
the main purpose is to visit the famous i-City @ Shah Alam and of course, SHOPPING! *jumps*

This trip is a very independent one, as I drove all the way to and fro KL. I hardly drive such a long distance alone, cause usually hubby will be there, this time he's too loaded with work so I decided to drive on my own, picked up Vinnie at Ipoh in the afternoon and we hit the highway straight!

Now, I shall let the pictures do the talking....

fast forward to dinner.. SIL brought us to Xin Chao Sang bak kut teh at Taman Mayang

a must have, yao cha kuai

stir fry yao mak

one of their hit order, braised fish heads

tada... bak kut teh~

after dinner, SIL drove us to i-City, it was Saturday and as expected, crowd and traffic jam =_=

city of digital lights, with awesome LED technology
the place is big! and filled with lotsa beautiful LED decorations


self timer :)

another one... :)

only car parking fee is needed

I like this pict

cool huh

our shadows

it's a great place to take photos, but my skills is not that perfect yet... =_=

I bumped into Esther there! haha :D

we left the place at 12am, as we needed to catch the midnight show of The Expendables...

If I have the time, I'll sure pay a visit there again!

p/s: stay tune for part II


  1. i-City is really a nice place..

    The Expandable not nice geh~~~~ :( waste money la...

  2. Don't feel like going to i-city as I think it's not baby-friendly. I'm sure u guys had some wonderful moment there & the dishes look great too :-)

  3. Hayley, a short breakaway with your lady friends, I am sure it made you miss your husband and your husband miss you too. Can't wait to see your part 2 on the shopping.

  4. The lighting in i-city is sure colourful and cool! I bet if i brought my kids there, they would go ah-ooh...

  5. Yvon, oh not nice ar?? hmm.. but I personally think it's nice wo.. =_=

    Dora, hmm.. your baby is too young to enjoy the scenery.. may be another 2 years?

    Yan, haha, we should spend time with our friends too, anyway my hubby enjoyed himself here also la, with his kaki beer >.<

    Yvonne, yaya, you should bring them there, I think Avery will like it!

  6. First of all, for someone who has fear to drive like me, I have so much respect for you to drive all the to KL!!!
    And by the way you did quite a good job with the food pics ler!

  7. Shirlexia, aww thanks! hmm, I seldom drive to KL too, but when it comes to shopping, nothing will stop me! LOL :D

  8. hey hayley... sorry for my late reply...busy at work ....wah, one day i must bring dylan to see the lights in icity. nice nice

  9. Via, no worries la~
    yaya, I believe you take better pictures than me! :)

  10. I haven't been to I-City yet... :( Will go visit it once I have the chance^^ Beautiful photos you have here~ And I miss 'bak kut teh' lor... *Drool* XD

  11. Erika, thanks dear~ grabbed the chance to sharpen my skills...
    ya, you should visit it, it's really a nice place!

  12. I never went to iCity.. will try to drop there one day ^^

  13. Hi FeeQ, thanks for the comment, yep, should pay a visit there! :)

  14. Welcome to K.L! Awesome spread of food and you look great in that 1 piece dress!^-^

    Have a pleasant day ahead!

  15. Alice, thank you! :)
    You have a nice day too!

  16. is a nice weekend we have...ady started miss it...we shud tis kind of outing more...miss u~

  17. Vinnie, ya, can plan again, next time your turn to drive! :P

  18. Hi Hayley, wow! Real spectacular those LED lights. Beautiful!
    And I love that braised fish head....looks sinfully delicious!

    Can imagine the fun you having....and glad to have the opportunity to see these pics....keeps me in touch with a place I once called 'home'

    Have fun and keep well, Lee.

  19. can you believe it that i've never been to 1-city? can't wait to read more of your getaway, especially the shopping part :D

  20. Lee, yes, those lights are really spectacular! I'd spend more time there if time allows...
    Thanks for dropping by!

    Barbara, haha, din't really shop ALOT... but still satisfied la...

  21. What a fantastic weekend getaway! You girls had so much fun :)

  22. ChloeRuoyi, yaya, we enjoyed the trip! ^^


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