Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weekend getaway part II

The 2nd day at KL, also the last day.. we headed to town area in the morning, with the help of Vinnie's GPS, and some of my memories, LOL :D
1st, had our brunch at Little Taiwan @ Sungei Wang Plaza.

not many customers, the serving was fast!

hot Jasmine tea for me

and ice milk tea for Vinnie

Tang Tang noodles

wan tan mee soup (so so only)

nothing much to blog now as we started our shopping right after brunch.... we skipped lunch as we were still full, then walked to Pavilion mall...
nice Raya decorations

tried this Harajuku Japanese Crepes, as I read the post by a blogger...

lots of varieties to choose from! :)

I picked the one with mangoes inside

left is mine, and right is Vinnie's, mix flakes with chocolate ice cream

taking a break from our shopping time, enjoying our dessert ^^

last photo before we hit the highway heading back home, yours truly in front if Pavilion mall

things I managed to grab from the mega sales... while EK enjoyed his weekend here with the gang, I enjoyed myself spending his money too! muahahah :D (dint get any bags/shoes, money not enough already T_T) well, I bought a nice cheap grey leather jacket (RM30 only!), a top, a pant, some undergarments, Mircoz nail buffer and a box of Alfaparf hair essential oil

SODA pant and shirt for EK... and that summarizes my short weekend at KL. I'll be going down KL again next month for Suan's wedding, but by then I guess mega sales will be over *emo*


  1. m'sia mega sales is on? happy shopping yaaa~ hey, u so geng leh, drive all the way to and from KL... really pei fu!!oh ya, happy belated anniversary to u both... stay happy always!!!

  2. Angeline, yea! it was a tiring yet fun weekend ^^

  3. Evelyn, yes, it's until 16th September! haha, thanks dear! :)

  4. lovely stuff you got there :) time i should try the japanese crepes. they look yummy :) i haven't been to pavilion since last christmas :(

  5. Barbara, thank you!
    Yea, should try it! lots of varieties! dont know which one to choose also... hehe...

  6. How the japanese crepes tasted? I went to Pavillion earlier this year but didn't spot this outlet. Rugi!

    "I enjoyed myself spending his money too", HIGH 5!!

  7. Yvonne, the crepe is nice! I think you'll like it since you like sweet thing like me! ^^
    Oh the outlet is situated outdoor, opposite GSC. We got the direction from the guy at the information center...

  8. So good of you still remember to buy him clothes while shopping for you own stuff. I was not that good, only remember to buy for myself and my girls at my last KL trip.

  9. i thought harajuku is a japanese dessert also .... is the little taiwan at midvalley?

  10. We were at Pavilion on Fri and Sat too. What a coincidence! Too bad I didn't notice the Japanese crepe at all when we were there :( It looked so yummy!

  11. Yan, haha, he sponsored me $$, I must get him something in return :P better la.. ^^

    Via, oh no, the one I went is at Sungei Wang Plaza, not Mid Valley ;)

    ChloeRuoyi, nvm, go again next time! You're so near only...


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