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Healthy and cheap

Colleagues and I settled our lunch today at Yang Sheng Ge (again), after hearing about their attractive set lunch promotion.
(View my previous visits here, here and here)

they have new menu now! The restaurant is here about 2-3 months ago
the new set lunch menu consists of a type of steam soup (which you can choose from the menu), rice, a type of vegetables, dessert (yam/pumpkin or honey dew) and fruits. all this is only RM 7.90- RM 8.90 per set!! How worth! :)

Please drop by this restaurant if you're here in Taiping, but the set lunch is only available from 12pm to 3.30pm.

Now I think you'd agree with me that Taiping is indeed a food paradise! ^^

*photo credits to Yvonne*

Useful patch

For those who have fringe like me, we need to pin up the fringe everytime we wash face/make up. But the use of hairband or hair pin will leave unwanted marks on the hair.. thats what troubling me all the time =_=

I'm not sure whether I'm outdated but I got introduced to this hair patch not long ago! it's so useful and easy to use, and best of all, it wont leave marks on our hairs! :D

after searching for some times, I finally found them at one of the accessories stall at local shopping center, only RM 4 for 2 pieces (but only one color is available)
so easy! ;)

You can find this hair patch at most hair accessories shops.

Legend of the fist 2010

Starring: Donnie Yen, Shu Qi, Anthony Wong

As a martial art lover, hubby doesnt want to miss watching this movie. We were lucky enough to be able to get movie tickets an hour before the show time. the cinema was quite full, and I heard brother mentioned this movie is a hit in KL which he hardly get tickets at the moment =_=

Storyline, it's something similar to Ip Man. Chen Zhen (Donnie Yen) had been taken death after revenging his master's death. 7 years later he disguises as his friend Koo and be friend with Shanghai mafia boss. Pretending as a caped fighter by night, Chen Zhen intends to take out everyone involved as well as get his hands on an assassination list prepared by the Japanese.

One thing I've heard alot about this movie is the naked scene of Donnie Yen while being canned by the Japanese. Also, his muscular arms.... ;)

rating: 3.5/5

A wedding which brought a lovely gathering: Day 2 (End)

Though I was tired of driving and the late gathering, I could not sleep well the whole night =_= blame myself, I always have problem sleeping at a new place.
I got up from bed as early as 8am the next day, and saw these on the table....

simple yet hearty breakfast prepared by Yean and bf, thank you love!
after some chit chatting, we all got ready to dress up and make up ;) before we leave the house, we took some photos at almost every corner of Yean's house, haha :D
this is her upstair living hall, very modern I'd say..

this is the dining hall downstair, the wallpapers are nice! from l-r: yours trully, Yean, Mei, Angeline, Jocelyn, Sam, Khim and Tingki

present to you, models of the day wakakaka :P

Cindy, Esther and Eve arrived. So we took this group photo before heading to the restaurant

we were 30 mins late to the luncheon =_= Luckily the luncheon wasnt started as they were waiting for the bride.. so to fully utilise the long waiting time, we did our favourite thing - taking photo…

So much to eat, so little time!

During the previous dinner at Jia Yi Dao vegetarian restaurant, we were told by the boss that there'll be a vegetarian buffet lunch and dinner on the 22/9 in conjuction with their 1st anniversary.

I told colleagues about this and we decided to give it a try! We were there during lunch time and the restaurant was packed! there were ALOT of food to eat!! :0

they offered main dishes like all sorts of greens, fried rice, fried noodles etc also assam laksa

all types of fried snacks

soups and few types of tong sui

my all time favourite ice cream! there were rainbow, mint, chocolate and vanilla flavor

ice kacang corner

dessert corner which have mooncakes, cakes and kuih

salad corner

a few types of dim sum

not forgetting drinks like water, chinese tea and ginger tea. Also, coffee, soya bean and orange juice (not in the picture)
So much food to eat! But we got so limited time :( gotto rush back to office on time... nonetheless we were pretty satisfied as the lunch was worthy! only RM 10 per …

Competition in progress

Most of the photos from the classical make up contest are ready. Results will be announced on 10th Oct and prizes will be given away on the same day.
I found my photo from Ivy's FB as well as from YukoLoveWedding profile.

among all the shots I took, this is the one I chosed for the contest. background is abit plain so the photo studio edited the picture. what do you think? I think it's not bad la... and oh, I hope 6 is my lucky number!

this is Tingki's original photo, I believe the photo studio already edited her picture

This is Emily, I personally feel she's one of best! her eyes are so bold and bright!

this is May, I think she's the most beautiful among all the photos uploaded! she's certainly have the chance of winning!
there'll be only 3 winners for the contest which I think is quite insufficient.. as I know there are about 100++ contestants! And many of the contestants look really nice! I'm sure it's going to be tough competition =_=
/*photos taken …

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

It rains here these few days which totally spoil our plan/mood, so I certainly hope it wont rain tonight as I'm planning to go Lake Garden for some fun times!

At the mean time, I wanna wish all my readers a Happy Mid Autumn Festival! 中秋节快乐!
Have an enjoyable time with your family!! ^^

A wedding which brought a lovely gathering: Day 1

Exactly the same title as my FB's photo album ;)

I was away to KL over the weekend for the long awaited Suan's wedding reception. We've been planning it since last month and I was appointed as the driver =_= we hit the highway late afternoon and reached Puchong in the evening.

1st of all, I have to say, I'm very in love with Yean's house!! it's a nice double storey and the interior is simple yet so modern! she bought it with her partner at the price of RM300k which I think is quite worth considering it's KL!
some snap shots of the cosy house

we couldnt help but to camwhore alot, muahaha :P

after some chit chatting and rest, we got changed and headed to Puchong Boulevard to have dinner (we were all starving!) Yean brought us to Kissaten, a Japanese restaurant

dinner we had! the food is great so as the service! but the portion is big which I felt abit guilty having it alone :( next time, must share!

Esther and Cat met us there

we took alot of photos but I'd jus…