Friday, September 3, 2010

Evonne's birthday @ Just K

Went singing with a group of colleagues last Sunday, also to celebrate Evonne's birthday, before she goes China to continue her study.
random photo. it was indeed a fun night! everybody sang and enjoyed!

I personally like this photo, taken by a colleague (secretly)

practise and practise.....

here's the birthday girl with her pressie from all of us! she's a sweet lady, the atmosphere won't be boring when she's around... haha

some of us
and sing sing sing....

groupie! we had fun! Just K is better than the rest of the karaoke in Taiping, the room is bigger and cleaner too!


  1. hey, happy bealated birthday to your frind! Wow, you are getting prettier nowadays, any secret to share?;)

    Happy weekend!

  2. Just looking at the pictures, I can feel the fun and joy there.

  3. Happy birthday to ur sweet friend! Indeed Jusk K is a nice place to have fun... I like it too... ;)

  4. Happy belated birthday to Evonne! Too bad she's not staying long here. I'll be missing her. Wonder when she'll be back.

    I seldom go for karaoke, and went to Just K once only, with my family :) Not a bad place to sing!

  5. Alice, welcome back!
    Haha, really? thanks ;)
    No particular secrets.. just try to stay healthy and do lots of mask!

    Yan, yep, it was so much fun!

    Evelyn, thanks! I like Just K too...

    Yvonne, she'll be back next Jan! ^^

  6. Is this in Taiping?
    The karaoke room looks hi-tech!

  7. Shirlexia, yala, Just K @ Taiping Sentral...


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