Sunday, September 5, 2010

Gathering with girls

I actually planned to blog this together with Evonne's birthday post, as it happened on the same day.. But due to my forgetfulness, haha, so here it is... (it's basically a short post)

mango milkshake and vanilla milkshake at La Promise cafe.. the vanilla taste good!

soda lemonade (which according to the tauke, it helps cool down body heat) and orange juice

tada!! ice cream fondue! I actually had this before, but am always looking forward to another treat.. :P

with Esther, Cat, Angeline and Jocelyn. they are working at KL (except Angeline) ever since grad. its always good to catch up with them once a while.. our next gathering is just 2 weeks away, at AS's wedding at KL! *excited*


  1. Johnnie L, hey there, thanks for dropping by~

  2. Ahhh! Those ice cream fondue! I wanted to try so much, but haven't "collect enough kaki" to join me. Cis, the portion is very big and I don't want to torture myself with yoga afterward.

    Emm... soda lemonade looks refreshing.

  3. Yvonne, yea, the sinful fondue is too much for one person..
    Hey, we can plan for it next time! haha ^^

  4. I still haven't had chance to try the fondue. Wait till I lose some weight first. Seems like quite impossible to reach it.

  5. Yan, same here, losing weight is not easy.. but just have to be patient la..

  6. woah woah! so much food and delicious drinks!! i want!!

  7. Jen, ya, the food there is nice! its one of my favourite cafe!

  8. Wow... I'm long for an ice cream fondue, wonder if that possible to make one at home?!! (drooling)

  9. Alice, I think its possible la, all ingredients are easily available.. ;)


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