Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Merdeka + Step Up III (2010)

So how did you celebrate Merdeka holiday?

EK and I went to Sunway Carnival mall Prai for some shopping and also movie. To be frank, I found that this mall is not that nice to shop.. but still lots of people yesterday! probably because it was public holiday..

In the end, we did not buy anything but settled our lunch at Nando's.

big pot of hot tea for me

hot peri-peri quarter chicken with coleslaw and fresh fruits salad

hot peri-peri quarter chicken with peri chips and sweet corn

done with lunch, we watched the movie Step Up III (note: Taiping cinema dont have this yet=_=)

starring: Rick Malambri, Adam G Sevani, Sharni Vinson

As for the movie, we did not watch the 3D. But similar to previous episodes, it's a dance movie and new faces are featured, and some from episode II. Personal opinion, I dont like Moose (Adam G Sevani), I mean he could be cute in his own way but I still feel that he's not cool/smart enough to be a dancer, unlike Tyler (from episode I) and Chase (from episode II).

As for the storyline, climax is at the end where the Pirates battles and wins the title (I really like their glowing outfits)
rating: 4/5


  1. Em, I thought of going shopping yesterday too. But came to think that everywhere would be crowded because it was a public holiday, I chose to stay at home, sigh...

  2. Yvonne, ya, almost everywhere is crowded.. the best place is home... hehe

  3. 拖手仔,行街睇戏... 几happy哦!!! ;)

  4. Believe me or not, I watched the 3D one the next day and I actually think the non 3D is better cos you get to see more details.
    About Moose I think they are trying to create something different lar, that even if you are not dressed hip hop you can be streetdancer too.

  5. Seems like you had a great day on National holiday. Movie + fine food sure could guarantee a good day.

  6. hi hayley,

    firstly...i am very sorry for my late reply and my late dissapearance as i am away for my holiday and tied up with my work. prai...very very far and indeed a nice trip and makan makan there....

  7. we didn't go anywhere yesterday....just stayed at home.

  8. Shirlexia, my hubby said the same thing... Moose is someone different from others and unique in his own way.. =_=

    Yan, yes, it was a last minute planning anyway, hehe.

    Via, its ok.. I know you enjoyed yourself at Redang! right? ;)

    Barbara, stay at home, doing own things can be fun too!

  9. Ahhhh... we had nandos the other day too, found kenny roaster tastes better... however I like their dips and sauces.

    Ohhh... I would like to watch this movie, love anything to do with dance and musicical!^-^

  10. Alice, yes, I like Kenny Roger more! The chicken isnt that salty.. hehe ;)


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